CavinKare modifies ads following complaints upheld by ASCI

CavinKare modifies ads following complaints upheld by ASCI

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Oct 12,2015 1:23 PM

CavinKare modifies ads following complaints upheld by ASCI
ASCI’s Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) upheld complaints against 82 out of 148 advertisements in June 2015.
In the Health and Personal Care division, CavinKare Pvt Ltd (Chik Egg White Protein Shampoo) were pulled up for their advertisement claims “Isska Egg White Protein damage baalon ko jad se sire tak nourish karke hair fall kam kare” (“Its Egg White Protein nourishes damaged hair from root to tip and reduces hair fall”). According to complaint, the ad was not substantiated with data specific to Egg White Protein. The visual depiction showing strengthening of the hair roots by the Egg White Protein, resulting in reduction of hair fall, and strengthening of hair, was misleading.

In view of the above, the claim of “Perfect Solution” against hair fall was also found misleading. In addition, the supers/disclaimers in the TVC were not legible.Additionally, the disclaimer in the company’s Nyle Naturals Hairfall Defence shampoo advertisement claims, “Baalon ke tootne ke karan hone wale hair fall …” is factual. However, the term used in the voice over “...baalon ka jhadna …” was considered to be misleading by ambiguity.

MD Sudharsan, Executive Vice President — Legal & Secretarial addressed the issue in the official communication stating, “In response to ASCI's communication dated 8 June, 2015, requiring certain modifications in the TV commercials, we have made changes to both the TVCs. The change made in the Chik TVC have both the voice-over and the qualifier consistent on the appropriate frames as duly filed with ASCI. Similarly, in the Nyle TVC, we have replaced the word ‘jhadna' with 'girna' making the qualifier and the voice-over consistent as duly filed with ASCI.”

He clarifies that CavinKare was only asked to modify the advertisements and that they were not banned as such.

“The advertisements were not banned as alleged, however only certain modifications were sought, which have duly been incorporated and also communicated to ASCI.

“Thus, Chik White Egg Protein TVC & Nyle Naturals Hair fall Defence shampoo TVCs which are now on air have no embargo from ASCI,” he went on the explain


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