Cannes Lions 2010: Music is the most downloaded content on mobile phones in India

Cannes Lions 2010: Music is the most downloaded content on mobile phones in India

Author | Dhaleta Surender Kumar | Tuesday, Jun 22,2010 11:42 AM

Cannes Lions 2010: Music is the most downloaded content on mobile phones in India

“Music is the most downloaded content on mobile phones in India”, said Sue Moseley, Worldwide Directory, Research and Future, Initiative, while talking during the session on ‘Unlocking the Power of Mobile’ on the second day of the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 2010.

In an exclusive chat with exchange4media after the session, Moseley explained that inherently, music was deep-rooted in the Indian culture, and probably that could be one factor for the highest download of music in the country. “India,” she said, “has a 7 per cent Internet penetration and only 3 per cent broadband penetration. Most of the people are getting exposed to the Internet in India through mobile phones. However, she said, “With the launch of 3G, other forms of content download like video and social networking apps too are likely to go up in India in the near future.”

She further told exchange4media that during a survey conducted by Initiative, India was found to have the most number of respondents “opting to throw out their PCs to replace them with their mobile phones to access the Internet”.

Earlier, speaking during the session, Moseley had said that worldwide, 65 per cent of the mobile users were accessing the Internet on their mobile phones, and on average spent 35 minutes a day. The number is higher in the US, where 80 per cent of the mobile users accessed the Internet on their mobile phones and spend on average 55 minutes a day.

She pointed out that it was a myth that mobile would cannibalise PCs. “PCs are an additive to the mobile phones. People are using PCs along with mobile phones to sync them and download apps,” she maintained.

However, while PCs are still preferred, people are shunning laptops, and “mobile phones are becoming the second screen and internet device at home”.

iPad, she said was also gaining preference over the laptop.

She also pointed out that while Internet on mobile was being used for instant messaging, instant information like finding a place and gaming, in comparison, Internet on PCs was being used for “more planned and demanding work” like shopping and banking. “PC is still considered to offer a more secured environment for online transactions in comparison to Internet on mobile,” she pointed out.

Also speaking during the session, Eric Bader, Chief Strategy Officer Worldwide, Initiative, said that marketers could use mobile to close loops with consumers. “Internet mobile phone can be used for micro-payments and m-commerce,” he said. In fact, in South Korea and China, 60-70 per cent of mobile users were already using mobile phones for micro-payments, he pointed out.

The idea, he said, was not about reaching people, but engaging people when they were at home. According to him, the biggest challenge for marketers was to reach consumers who were commuting.

Overall, Bader pointed out that there were four “wins” for marketers in mobile: Media ROI, In-Store & Shopper Marketing, Loyalty & CRM Programme Management, and Consumer Engagement with Brands. SMS programmes to get people engaged and better ROI than PC are some important aspects of Media ROI. Through in-store and shopper marketing, marketers can get them interested in multiple products.

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