Cannes Lions 2007: The festival drawing to a close, time for India to ponder over the misses

Cannes Lions 2007: The festival drawing to a close, time for India to ponder over the misses

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Saturday, Jun 23,2007 8:56 AM

Cannes Lions 2007: The festival drawing to a close, time for India to ponder over the misses

It is the last day of the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 2007 and quite a few of the Indian delegates are already looking forward to the plans they have after Cannes, of going to Rome, Venice, London and other such places -- some are for work, while some others are on holidays.

Has India performed well at the festival? We will know better only after the winners of the Films Lions on the afternoon of June 23. But so far, even with nine metals under the belt, it does not look appealing. We need three more only to match the 12 we won last year, and as yet, we have not bagged a single Gold. Some people here are insisting that the Promo Lion is a Gold. We would just like to remind them that the Festival rules as yet does not award any particular metal for Promos, as it is a new category.

Also, there are some who insist that they have won more metals than what is being said in the press category. Festival CEO Philip Thomas explained, “In the press category, you can win a Lion or a Lion Campaign. In the Lion Campaign, more than one entry of that campaign can win, but it is counted as only one Lion. The reason is that most of these campaigns have the same ideas that are executed differently, but the layout, tagline and so on are the same.”

Hope that clarifies out some points for back home.

Back at Cannes, quite a few have lost their phones. O&M’s Sumanto Chattopadhyay being the first one to lose his on day one, followed by Rediffusion DY&R’s Montoo Bassi (actually Anto Noval, from the same agency, lost Montoo’s phone). The boys with many others of Everest, Leo Burnett and McCann Erickson were also mentioning something about a Le Pink joint here.

Work in India has not come to a standstill of course. Colvyn Harris, the only CEO who is attending sessions and workshops, is replying to mails faster than he probably does when he is India (God bless the Blackberry); Yogesh Anand from Cadbury was in an intense conversation about a few things that have to be done in their office.

We ran into Mudra’s Executive Director R Lakshminarayanan also who spoke about how Tribal DDB’s Leroy and he are attending the sessions and taking the notes back to the agency’s Meera Sharath Chandra. “She sits here like the queen and we come back to tell her what is happening where, she does approve of what she hears but largely she disapproves!” Surely Meera has a fun “super boss”.

The Times of India representatives are making a regular presence in the sessions, as are the younger delegates. One more day for the fun at Cannes to end, and the need to revisit Indian creativity standards to begin again.

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