Cannes Lions 2007: Lerwill, de Nadris & Verklin - Aegis makes its presence felt

Cannes Lions 2007: Lerwill, de Nadris & Verklin - Aegis makes its presence felt

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Jun 20,2007 9:18 AM

Cannes Lions 2007: Lerwill, de Nadris & Verklin - Aegis makes its presence felt

The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival also proves to be a great meeting ground for international conglomerates. Last year we saw WPP invite its various heads to Cannes during the Festival, and this year it was Aegis Media’s turn. Robert Lerwill, CEO, Aegis Plc, and Mainardo de Nardis, CEO, Aegis Media Global, are there at Cannes with the Aegis Media Executive Committee for the regular committee meeting to be held at Cannes this time on June 20.

This may be de Nardis’ 21st visit to Cannes Lions, but it is the first as a member of the Aegis family. Lerwill confessed that as a media group Aegis had not been to Cannes much too often. “However, things have changed in the last couple of years. We have now built up our presence here. David (Verklin, CEO, Carat Americas) is the Media Jury President this year, we have Mainardo with us this year and he decided to use the IAF as an opportunity to hold the executive meeting at Cannes.”

The executive committee meeting for Aegis Media takes place every three or four months, where all members of the committee meet at places like the Aegis London office. This committee consists of members like Verklin, Patrick Stahle (CEO, Carat Asia), Nigel Morris (CEO, Isobar) and Jerry Buhlmann (CEO, Carat Europe). This committee reports to de Nardis.

Lerwill divulged that the group was in the midst of new announcements in the digital area in the US, and that much was happening to restart work on a clean slate for its India operations. de Nardis said, “We have very ambitious plans for India and there are three four clear areas of focus for the Indian market. These include the digital space, the outdoor space and more focus on consumers. This is not very different from what is happening in the other markets, but we are looking forward to making our presence stronger in India, which is a key market for us right now.”

Stahle added, “We have just had a break-up with Percept and when you come out of a relation like that, there are various areas that have to be worked on from start. We are looking at improvising on brand Carat in India and bringing other Aegis brands to India that would benefit clients and in the process improve our market share in India.”

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