Cannes 2015: PR presents case boards while advertising presents trailers of movies: Paresh Chaudhry

Cannes 2015: PR presents case boards while advertising presents trailers of movies: Paresh Chaudhry

Author | Paresh Chaudhry | Tuesday, Jun 23,2015 8:28 AM

Cannes 2015: PR presents case boards while advertising presents trailers of movies: Paresh Chaudhry

As we conclude on the final day of judging,  we have screened 1969 entries, tooth-combed 1566 first cut entries and arrived at the best  shortlisted 200 entries. 63 hours of evaluations over 6 days. We are  almost sure to miss the gala opening.  Tough but satisfying, as we come up with some really stunning campaigns across categories which deserve the Lions.

The 200 shortlist that was released has just 3 Indian entries and that's disappointing indeed. All entries are from ad agencies. We have so many good stories to tell, but  we don't.  Budgets again, eh?

The packaging and presentation makes the difference in the end. A good PR work could get lost if not presented well.  That's why advertising agencies walk away with the metals. We present case boards while advertising present trailers of movies.  If a PR agency - client believe in their work then I suggest you go all out and hire an advertising agency to make this trailer. Invest in your creativity and showcase it to the world. We are recognised at the Asia level fairly well despite limited participation. 

I saw some fantastic work on digital / social platforms , good / nutrition, travel / tourism, charities , corporate responsibility , media relations , events , launch , brand voice and well as audience targeting and engagement , response by crowd sourcing, story telling.  It is clear that the world has moved to social in a big way.  The reach is mind boggling and the engagement better. Listening tools , behaviour analysis  and measurements are so accurate that ROIs can be linked to the goals clearly. 

We need to remember that technology and related story-telling mediums are made for us to use and amplify. Traditional media will pick it up anyways.

If you look at the average in the last 4 years, a total of 16 golds, 22 silver and 30 bronze were given each year at Cannes.  The number of shortlists this year is up by 40%... Expect more Lions from us.  Grand Prix looks certain this year and the fight bitter. 

The metric guidance indicators that we stuck with were

- Creativity at the heart of all that the idea stood for
- Earned trust that builds reputation and has a staying power
- The campaign must inspire  engagement
-  PR should be prioritised in the strategic planning  process 
- Achieves behaviour change as a key outcome

The winners will be released tomorrow morning at a press conference to global media ( 800 journos are expected ).

The  PR Gala awards are on the 23rd night and promise to be a spectacle. So many hopes and aspirations are linked to these awards. I just hope that those 63 hours of hard work have justified those aspirations. We did our best.   My congratulations to the winners in advance.

This year , 310 jurors were invited to judge 19 disciplines. The Lions team was a class apart.  Great hospitality, logistics and micro-management. Tireless effort indeed.

To me personally , it has been a titanic experience studying the work, imbibing the creativity quotient and making friends for life with 20 PR heads across the globe.

As I sign off, I have to say that the Indian PR industry has great potential. PR is at the heart of world’s greatest campaigns that is constantly elevating their power , making emotional engagements , opening minds , touching hearts and inspiring action on the ground.

Here's a toast to the people who make up the festival of real creativity.

The author is CEO, Madison PR.

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