C-Sharp brings together virtual teams to market brands in Bangalore

C-Sharp brings together virtual teams to market brands in Bangalore

Author | Apeksha Gupta | Friday, Aug 05,2005 7:55 AM

C-Sharp brings together virtual teams to market brands in Bangalore

Doing things differently is the mantra in today’s day and age, where creating a niche for oneself is the only way to get noticed and be remembered. Every client wants undivided attention and every agency today wants to offer customised solutions to stay ahead in the race. Bangalore-based Vijayan Menon’s C-Sharp is a consultancy based on a similar philosophy.

This brand marketing and communication consultancy works on the model of ‘virtual teams’. According to this model, there are no permanent employees at the company, but teams that are brought together for specific projects for a limited time period, to fulfill the project requirements.

CXO, as Vijayan Menon, Director Officia, C-Sharp, explained, were people who were invited to be a part of the virtual team, where ‘X’ was the variable entity. CXO, therefore, would translate into ‘CEO’ or ‘COO’ of a particular company who, depending upon his skill, would be invited to become a part of the C-Sharp virtual team to work on a particular project.

Menon believed, “It is unfair to posture oneself as ‘know it all’. Everybody has a specific skill set, and realising this, C-Sharp gets the best people on board to solve a particular problem at a time.” A ‘federation of like-minded people’ as this, was not unique, but was a globally tried and tested phenomenon, explained Menon.

An IIM, Madras and XLRI graduate, Menon has 25 years of experience and contacts in the marketing and communication industry. HCL, BPL, FCB Ulka are some of the companies where Menon has worked in the past years and his collective experiences have taught him that him that marketing and communications is all about thinking out of the box at both the strategy and the output levels.

He added, “Every agency has two boundaries; one at the agency’s end and the other at the client’s end. While it is not possible to remove the boundary at the client’s end, C-Sharp attempts to remove any boundary at the agency level. Creativity here is free-flowing and not bound by any system”. He believed that people worked best when they were freelancing.

Following this policy and model that in itself is out of the box, C-Sharp already has MindTree and Tally, the accounting software, in its kitty. C-Sharp works on an ‘Inside looking out, outside looking in’ format with its clients.

According to the former – inside looking out – C-Sharp liaisons with the client’s existing agency and the two work in tandem to arrive at the required output. As per the latter – outside looking in – C-Sharp provides the client with an end-to-end solution, thus also providing them with the creative output.

With no urgent deadlines but earthshaking outputs, C-Sharp hopes to first conquer Bangalore and then the rest of India.

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