Brands and Movies – A winning marriage!

Brands and Movies – A winning marriage!

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Monday, Feb 05,2007 9:37 AM

Brands and Movies – A winning marriage!

'Branded entertainment' has gained much popularity, especially in the last couple of years, and many agencies dedicated to this space have sprung up over the years. Players like Broadmind have been pretty active in this growing space over the past few months as almost all the big-banner films along with quite a number of small films are cashing-in on this source of added revenue. With the 'screen life' of a movie greatly reduced from a couple of months to just a couple of weeks, producers want to cash-in as soon as possible.

Industry experts believe that a movie has to recover money in the opening week itself to make some profits as there is no assurance of the movie's success. In a bid to recover their investments, film producers are finding newer methods of generating revenue from the available content through brand associations and in-film product placements.

According to a CII-KPMG Report, the Indian film industry, pegged at Rs 6,845 crore in 2006, is expected to grow to Rs 12,826 crore by 2010, which is nearly double the present level. Of this, Rs 5,515 crore is expected to be from the Hindi mainstream cinema alone. Regional films and foreign language films take up rest of the pie.

Speaking about Broadmind's strategy, Rajeev Berry, GM, Content and Entertainment, Broadmind, explained, "We are in the area of providing strategic solutions to brands in the area of entertainment. Our immediate task is to bring in measurement in this field and thereby establish films as a medium for brands."

Explaining the various services offered by the agency, Berry said, "We provide script to screening solutions in the area of entertainment – like conceiving and producing branded content like Wheel Smart Shrimati, integration of brands with films, planning and buying for the industry, syndication of content, in the areas of talent management and film designing and publicity."

Recently, Broadmind has also brought upon the association of Reebok and the movie 'Goal'. For this brand-movie association, Reebok has come on board in the form of in-film product placement; apparel branding; retail activation and also merchandising. The partnership, worth a few crores has allowed Reebok to be the official apparel partner for all teams featured in the movie – Southall, Bradford and others. The brand has also provided the entire costume range for the film, from sports wear, casual, football kits and footballs.

"Unlike most associations today, where a brand is a force fit or an afterthought; this will be truly strategic and seamless association between the brand and the film. We hope to set a benchmark of sorts with this one as there has been ample planning and teamwork happening between UTV, BroadMind and Reebok," said Vinit Karnik, Senior Director - Entertainment, BroadMind.

The company claims that by keeping in line with Reebok's brand proposition of 'I am what I am', and the film's message – a hero will rise – the movie and brand supposedly compliment each other's personalities and marries the advertising promise that the film and brand have to offer, thus bringing alive the spirit of rising and winning life's challenges.

It is too early to predict the outcome of this marriage, but one thing is for certain – the marriage of brands and movies are going to last for a long time to come.

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