Brand David launches ‘Voice of Mumbai’ for Mumbai Mirror

Brand David launches ‘Voice of Mumbai’ for Mumbai Mirror

Author | Supriya Thanawala | Tuesday, Feb 20,2007 7:47 AM

Brand David launches ‘Voice of Mumbai’ for Mumbai Mirror

Mumbai Mirror's latest campaign has unfolded. Brand David, who recently bagged the account for the daily, has worked on this campaign. The campaign, which released on February 19, 2007, is called 'Voice of Mumbai' and runs through a series of television commercials (TVCs), outdoor hoardings and print advertisements, where local citizens describe their personal experiences, share their views and express their opinions.

Where the outdoor advertisement is a hoarding with a quote that states ‘If alcohol is banned, there will be no beer man’, the TVCs are a series of films with local citizens sharing their experiences to a crowd of reporters at a press conference.

In one, a man excitedly shows off a photograph, which has only his wife’s hand waving behind Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, excited that she was captured with the celebrities. Another has a woman sharing her view about cricketers.

Josy Paul, Chairman and Regional Creative Director, Brand David, said that the campaign is an integrated one with the Mumbai Mirror editorial team. “The Voice of Mumbai idea came about at the editorial level; that the citizens’ point of view is what should be the theme of the campaign,” he said.

Paul says that the reason why they chose this idea for the film was because they felt it worked the most. “Everyone has their 15 seconds of fame. The idea is that even ordinary individuals can get their moment of glory, if they have a point of view,” he observed.

The film was shot and directed by Nirvana under Prakash Varma, the director of the film production company. Nirvana is the company that also produced ad films for Hutch.

Kumar Subramaniam, President of Brand David pointed out, “These TVCs are a part of a series of films, where local citizens say different things -- talk about specific experiences, or their views on cricketers. It is all of it.”

Paul added, “The outdoor and print ads are funny, quirky statements made by the public. Mumbai Mirror is all about mirroring the views of the public, and it has a very young, contemporary in-your-face-tone, and is said like it is. We’ve tried to maintain that.”

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