Brand Curry rolls out new campaigns for Radio Mantra and Vivitech projectors

Brand Curry rolls out new campaigns for Radio Mantra and Vivitech projectors

Author | Puneet Bedi Bahri | Monday, Sep 22,2008 8:41 AM

Brand Curry rolls out new campaigns for Radio Mantra and Vivitech projectors

Brand Curry has come up with print campaigns for two of its clients – Radio Matra and Vivitech projectors. The Radio Matra campaign, which breaks next week in Danik Jagran in Jalandhar, Ranchi, Agra, Bareily, Karnal, Varanasi, Gorakhpur and Hissar, sports the tagline ‘Hat Ke Jeene Ka Mantra’.

The ad spend for the campaign is close to Rs 25 lakh and plans are afoot to take it to other platforms as well.

Commenting on the campaign, Ashish Sood, Senior Creative Director, Brand Curry, said, “The objective of the campaign is to make Radio Mantra the flagbearer of a ‘hat ke’ life. This means, the fun, smart and intelligent way of tackling everyday situations in life.”

Sood further said, “Radio Mantra is a unique point of life. It connects with the young minds of not so young people and offers a forum to everybody to stay agile and young. We were told not to transform Radio Mantra to funk but evolve it to connote a meaning for everyone, an attitude that is young at heart. The message should connect with people who are in the 20-35 age group. Through the campaign, we want to excite people to practice individualism that is ‘hat ke’.”

Aarti Gupta, Marketing Head, Radio Mantra, said, “It has been a year since we launched Radio Mantra and we are glad that it is doing well and people recognize us. Through this campaign, we want to popularise the various programmes on Radio Mantra.”

Meanwhile, Brand Curry has come up with a print campaign for another of its clients, Vivitech projectors. The ad spend for this campaign has been pegged at around Rs 15 lakh.

Sood said, “Vivitek is a new entrant in the market, so we have to work towards creating an image for the product so it is taken into consideration by the target group. The thought behind the Vivitek campaign is to make Vivitek business projectors synonymous with brilliant colours. The creative execution of promising all shades of, let’s say red, means that the technology in these projectors shows details down to different shades of each colour.”

Hemant Agarwal, Director, Display Solutions Business Unit, Vivitech Corporation, said, “Since Vivitek is a new brand in India the objective was to create visibility for the brand and go on to create conviction.”

He added, “Vivitek introduced DLP projectors in India under the business projectors category. Since the market is overcrowded with big brands like NEC, Panasonic, and INfocus, there was a major need for differentiation of the Vivitek DLP projector. The agency was asked to conceptualise a platform that would help differentiate the brand.”

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