Brand Curry in strategic talks with brand communications group in Europe

Brand Curry in strategic talks with brand communications group in Europe

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, Dec 29,2008 5:39 AM

Brand Curry in strategic talks with brand communications group in Europe

Brand Curry is in talks with a brand communications group in Europe and is looking forward to a partnership with them in 2009. Brand Curry has been buoyed by some major wins during 2008 that include Indiabulls Real Estate, Confismile Dental Spa, Aggarwal Foods, Government of Punjab, Femella fashions, and Vivitek Projectors, among others.

Subrata Chakraborty, Managing Director, Brand Curry, told exchange4media, “There are certain countries in Europe that are taking interest in us, and if strategic vision fits in, we will go for partnership with a brand communications group based in Europe in 2009.”

Chakraborty further said, “Our billings for 2008 stand at Rs 15 crore. We always tried being a niche player initially. We weren’t an accredited agency till three months back. Now, we would like to monetise our creative and strategic reputation into media benefits in this era of slowdown. The challenge for us is to maintain quality and premiumness in a market where discount is the norm. We have only certain kinds of clients who will get attracted, and who will value our strategic and creative thinking. They will be willing to pay a premium even in media terms.”

Rajshekhar Malaviya, VP - Account Management, Brand Curry, explained, “We never were a billing driven agency. We are never going to get into the mindless billing game. Our existence is for the brand. The advertising business is changing rapidly and radically; the test match model has given way to the T20 paradigm in our business as well. This change in paradigm is essentially because of the fact that the new growth has of late been coming from Tier II towns, and more of this will be in evidence in the future. Brand Curry is well entrenched in terms of capabilities to tackle this challenge of communicating to the new growth areas.”

He added, “As far as slowdown is concerned, we have also felt the impact of slowdown like all businesses in terms of clients wanting to spend less and less, and thus wanting advertising that works in such economic conditions, which we believe we are good at creating.”

Commenting on the economic slowdown, Chakraborty added, “The slowdown has been good for us. It has made clients more conscious about the money they are spending, and the slowdown has pushed clients to come out of the conventional agency support and explore new options, which is where an agency like Brand Curry can step right in.”

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