Brand Curry discontinues work on Vertex account

Brand Curry discontinues work on Vertex account

Author | Sumita Patra | Wednesday, Apr 11,2007 8:59 AM

Brand Curry discontinues work on Vertex account

Brand Curry, the mid-sized Delhi-based agency, has parted ways with one of its oldest clients after two and a half years. The agency has stopped servicing the Vertex account that was with them since inception. The reported size of the business was in the vicinity of Rs 2 crore.

Said Subrata Chakraborty, Managing Director, Brand Curry, “There was a difference in the brand building approach, in terms of our vision and theirs. The new management that came on board last year had a different vision from the earlier management. We realized that our perspectives were not matching, hence we decided to part ways amicably.”

The agency built the Vertex brand through imagery led recruitment advertising that, according to Chakraborty, was a novel idea two years ago. He said, “We professionalised the communication approach for Vertex. Before that they were looking at communication through design perspective. After Brand Curry got on board, scientific brand positioning was adopted.”

Brand Curry created the strategy of ‘victors for life’ for the client in early 2006. According to Chakraborty, that strategy “seemed to have paid off as Vertex today is one of the few companies in the BPO sector to have maximum retention record in the industry.”

According to sources in the know, Vertex hasn’t called for a formal pitch as of now. However, the company is in talks with two small agencies.

Commenting on the experience of working with the client, Chakraborty said, “It was extremely satisfying for us as we came to be known in the Delhi market by the kind of work that we did for Vertex.”

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