Brand Curry completes two years, looks to enter US market early next year

Brand Curry completes two years, looks to enter US market early next year

Author | Sumita Patra | Wednesday, May 17,2006 8:34 AM

Brand Curry completes two years, looks to enter US market early next year

Brand Curry, a full service agency, which is into advertising, consumer research, brand consultancy and corporate identity, completed two years on May 15, 2006. The agency’s client portfolio ranges from two-wheelers, fast food chains, electrical equipment marketer, FMCG to building materials, furnitures, BPO and retail.

Said Subrata Chakraborty, Managing Director, Brand Curry, on the journey traversed so far, “It has been an outstanding learning curve. Many of our clients are first-time advertisers. They are interested in brand building but often are not sure if advertising is the only way. A typical ad agency’s insistence on campaign solutions has actually deepened this apprehension.”

Chakraborty further said, “We changed our agency positioning and upgraded to consultant positioning. We had to reprogramme ourselves – individually and organizationally. We had to stay creative and lateral but extend the expertise beyond conventional advertising. Today, clients are willing to pay a premium for this. They are looking at us as consultants and not just as an ad agency. Increasingly clients are putting a value on our ability to offer creative solutions to their marketing problems, especially lateral solutions to their business problems.”

The agency, which initially confronted problems in finding the right people (who were lateral in their approach), overcame the challenge by looking at young people from outside the industry and by offering profit sharing/ESOP to senior people. It considers Indo Asian, Merino and Vertex as some of the exciting brands that it has worked on so far, observed Chakraborty.

Brand Curry which has established its footprint in Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, has ruled out further expansion in the domestic market at present, and is going to lay more stress on the international markets. The agency has plans to get into the US by the beginning of 2007. For the record, Brand Curry already has a presence in the UK.

Sharing his insights on the roadmap ahead, Chakraborty said, “This year we will focus on building content development capabilities for emerging media. It’s not about creating multiple divisions in an organization and then creating task forces to integrate conflicting divisional interests. It’s about building a synergistic framework that can accommodate diverse skill sets. Web as a media will offer multiple returns when synergized with OOH solutions. Our new initiative, Brand Curry Active, will offer creative content development service to clients across media.”

Brand Curry, which closed 2005-06 at Rs 12 crore, is optimistic about tripling the figure in the current year. Shared Chakraborty, “We wish to be seen as an Indian communication specialist with global ambitions. We wish to look at the world through the filter called India.”

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