#Boycott Myntra trends on Twitter for hurting Hindu sentiments

#Boycott Myntra trends on Twitter for hurting Hindu sentiments

Author | Sarmistha Neogy | Friday, Aug 26,2016 1:01 PM

#Boycott Myntra trends on Twitter for  hurting Hindu sentiments

Popular e-commerce portal Myntra started trending on Friday morning for a creative that might have hurt the Hindu sentiments. People started trolling the creative which was actually done by digital marketing agency Scroll Droll. Even though the agency apologised and tweeted that Myntra is nowhere associated with the art work directly or indirectly, and the poster was immediately removed in February, but the hashtag #BoycottMyntra kept on trending and people started  badmouthing the brand.

Myntra even tweeted on their social media site, that the artwork was not created by them and it is not endorsed either.

The graphic features a scene where Draupadi is disrobed in an assembly full of men by Dushasana. In order to save herself from the indignation, she prays to Krishna, who in turn makes her saree of an infinite length so that Dushasana is not able to take it off. Playing around this idea, Scroll Droll did their creative showing Krishna searching for “extra-long sarees” on their portal, implying the vast variety of their products.

A similar social media outburst had happened few months back and Amazon was in the midst of major controversy, when the e-commerce company was offering a sale on doormats with image of Hindu Gods and Goddess on them. Soon #BoycottAmazon started trending on Twitter and the brand had to remove the doormats from the site after receiving social media backlash.

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