Bonjour Socks' new campaign 'Sock Up Your Mood'

Bonjour Socks' new campaign 'Sock Up Your Mood'

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Dec 01,2014 8:13 AM

Bonjour Socks' new campaign 'Sock Up Your Mood'

When you think of dressing up for an occasion or simply buying your clothes, socks are perhaps the last in your list. Yes, you do match your socks with your attire. But mostly, it’s to match the color and not really by meticulous attention to detail. After all, a humble pair of socks hardly ever gets its due share of mind space in one’s wardrobe.
Things weren’t much different for socks brand Bonjour. Though it finds a place amongst the highest selling socks brands, it wasn’t really scoring high on brand equity.

And this was precisely the brief given to the agency, De-Complex. The objective was to create a campaign where the product does the talking for the brand. Varun Kapoor, Business Head, De-Complex, explains, “Bonjour is a brand that’s trusted both by a corporate executive and a college goer. But once we delved deeper, we realised that it’s hardly ever that one goes for socks shopping exclusively. So, socks, being one of the ‘least-involvement’ product in one’s wardrobe, find it difficult to be recalled by their brand. And the case wasn’t any different for Bonjour.”

Jyotiraj Hazarika, Creative Head, De-Complex, decided to leverage on this market reality. Talking about the campaign, Sock Up Your Mood, he says, “If you ask me about my socks, I will excuse myself and lift my trousers to check the brand. And there was an idea, staring straight at us. Bonjour is a brand with an extensive range of socks. In a way, saying, whatever be your personality, Bonjour has a pair for you. So, why not say it out, loud and clear? And we had a campaign in place. In the process, we believe that we did justice to the brief too. Also, I must say, the client was brave enough to buy this creative route, and we plan to create a lot of fun stuff around this idea in the future."

Raj K. Jain, Managing Director, Zonac Knitting Machines shares his point of view on the campaign. “As a brand, we were facing this issue for quite some time now. And we’re glad that De-Complex, addressed the same in a very interesting way. From the insight to articulation, Sock Up Your Mood, is just the apt communication for Bonjour, at this point of time.”

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