Bombay Ad Club introduces annual Media Review

Bombay Ad Club introduces annual Media Review

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Jul 22,2005 7:52 AM

Bombay Ad Club introduces annual Media Review

Amongst the many events that the Bombay Ad Club organises for the media and advertising fraternity, the annual Ad Review the most prominent one. The Club is now introducing an annual Media Review on similar lines to address the media side of the business. The inaugural session is planned for August 31, 2005.

Throwing more on light on the media review, Bipin Pandit, General Manager, Bombay Ad Club, said, “The Ad Review gives the advertising perspective and the Media Review will give the media perspective. Ad Review is one of our most important annual events, which involves some of the biggest names in advertising like Alyque Padamsee, Piyush Pandey, Mohamed Khan, Alok Nanda, Ravi Deshpande, the list is unending.”

Bringing out the reason that led to the inception of the annual Media Review, Pandit explained, “The media industry is on the upswing and you have new players coming in every day. The various media vehicles are also on the rise. Print, channels, mobiles, the Internet, and so on. I had suggested the idea to the managing committee, their response was positive, and the Media Review is happening.”

Pandit refused to divulge further information on the first Media Review. He, however, did reveal that the Media Review would be on the lines of the Ad review.

Every year, a known media personality will review and analyse the media work of the previous year, irrespective of the agency of its origin. In the case of Ad Review, the presenter gives his opinion on the current state of Indian advertising and chooses the work which, according to him, are worthy of bouquets and brickbats. The presenter predicts the industry trends for the future and also compares India advertising with those on the international scene. A similar approach will adopted for the Media Review.

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