Bombay Ad Club eyes beyond advertising with MAD Quiz 2005

Bombay Ad Club eyes beyond advertising with MAD Quiz 2005

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Dec 27,2004 7:34 AM

Bombay Ad Club eyes beyond advertising with MAD Quiz 2005

The Bombay Ad Cub is all prepared to challenge the advertising fraternity again with its quizzing event, MAD Quiz. Scheduled on January 7, 2005, the fourth year of the Mad Quiz will be conducted in Mumbai. The idea is to offer the fraternity a platform that looks beyond advertising.

As a member of the Managing Committee of the Ad Club, Nishi Suri, President, O&M, Mumbai, shoulders the additional responsibility of being the Chairperson of this marketing and advertising quiz. Sharing more on the event, she says, “MAD Quiz, by design, encourages interactions between the marketing and advertising professionals. This is one strong point where it distinguishes itself from other events like the Abbys and the Effies and even though today it doesn’t have the scale that institutions like these have, it is well on its way there.”

Last year, the quiz attracted as many as 40 teams, comprising 80 participants. “In an event like the Abby’s, which is almost 30 years old or Effies, which has an international affiliation, there are around a couple of thousand entries. Even though it is like comparing apples to oranges, this isn’t a bad difference,” she feels.

By way of its Continuing Education Programme (CEP), The Bombay Ad Club has various events in place, which looks at areas beyond advertising, like direct marketing, public relations, events, etc. The MAD Quiz is one such initiative.

Sharing on the hurdles that an event like this faces. Suri says, “People are excited about winning awards on the back of work they have created. But quizzing on the other hand comes out of a personal interest where people want to quiz themselves and compete at that level and necessarily means a toll on their personal time. It is very difficult to cultivate something like this. Also, in our business it is very difficult to get people to spend their personal time. Therefore, getting people to participate isn’t easy.”

Nonetheless, the ball is set to roll. The Ad Club has lined up some attractive prices to encourage people to participate and the participation process is a simple one with everything available online.

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