Bingo carries forward the ‘Great Combination’ story for ‘Red Chilli Bijli Potato Chips’

Bingo carries forward the ‘Great Combination’ story for ‘Red Chilli Bijli Potato Chips’

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Monday, Aug 27,2007 9:34 AM

Bingo carries forward the ‘Great Combination’ story for ‘Red Chilli Bijli Potato Chips’

ITC Food’s Bingo is once again using the popular ‘Great Combination’ humour platform for its newly launched ‘Red Chilli Bijli’ flavour potato chips. With its previous campaigns having generated a huge buzz around the brand name, ITC Food has decided to take the next step of building on the ‘combination’ thought with a guiding philosophy for the entire Bingo range.

The new campaign has been conceptualised by O&M, Bangalore. Malvika Mehra, Creative Director has worked on the campaign, which has been produced by Flying Saucer and directed by Pushpendra Singh.

Elaborating on the idea, an official communiqué stated, “The idea for the next campaign was inspired by the buzz around the brand and the fact that people who tried the product had become such diehard loyalists of Bingo that they became impassioned spokespersons for the products. We decided to use these people as the central characters in our campaign. People who, inspired by Bingo’s irresistible combinations, had decided to try their own in an attempt to match the uniqueness of Bingo’s combinations.”

The campaign is broken in two parts. The first film, which is set in Leh, showcases the character who after eating Bingo Red Chilli Bijli Potato Chips, a combination of red chillis and potato chips, is inspired to create his own combination, that of a man and a fire engine.

This human fire engine, named 101, starts off on a positive note by coming to the rescue of a pretty girl whose skirt catches fire in a busy market place. But as the story progresses, we see 101 unintentionally causing mayhem and chaos by dousing fires that are not meant to be doused. Like the flame of a ceremonial lamp being lit by the chief guest or the candles on a little girl’s birthday cake. Eventually people can’t tolerate his erratic behaviour and he ends up getting slapped time and again. The film ends with the inventor’s realisation that his combination has failed, but the combinations from Bingo are always perfect.

Speaking on the second part of the film, the communiqué explained, “This idea of ‘Bingo inspired combination’ will be taken forth in the second film of the new campaign. By setting each film in a unique cultural setting, it will be established that everywhere and amongst all kinds of people Bingo is inspiring combinations. And in the process associate Bingo with the ‘combination’ thought.”

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