Bill boxes: the new way to communicate

Bill boxes: the new way to communicate

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Saturday, Apr 14,2007 9:07 AM

Bill boxes: the new way to communicate

Bill boxes providing cheque-drop facilities have been on the rise in Mumbai. With, as many as 35 companies already signed up with Minc BillBox, the company behind these utility boxes, the demand has gone up from the consumers as well. The prominent placements of these boxes have also not missed the eyes of marketers who are now regularly using them to promote their wares.

Started with just six locations at local railway stations, these bill boxes have now spread across to 45 railway stations in Mumbai, which will soon turn to 55 stations, and to over 110 housing societies in suburban Mumbai.

Commenting on the advertising opportunities through these boxes, Murtuza Kagalwala, Media Consultant, observed, “Since these boxes are strategically placed on the foot-over-bridges that enjoy a high footfall, advertisements placed on these boxes get excellent exposure. Moreover, due to regular cleaning and maintenance, the advertisements will be displayed in a proper manner, rather than defaced with dust and spit.”

Citing examples of some of the brands like Equal, Red FM and others, which have been using the medium in the past few months, Viraj Majmudar, Promoter and Director, Minc BillBox, said, “We were seeking a strong brand recall backing in a medium that had a universal appeal and delivered the option of multiple visibility at a local level. A box that attracts an enlightened target audience writing out cheques and depositing it in boxes indicated complete trust with the medium.”

Considering newer marketing initiatives, Majmudar pointed out, “The bill boxes also provide an excellent interaction with consumers at the railway stations. Imagine a bank providing personal loan communicating, ‘Looking for an easy loan? Just drop your visiting card here’.” These communication initiatives can easily provide the brand with a more personal approach with their TA.”

Some of the brands that have chosen this form of communication include Citifinancial, which urged loan seekers to drop their contact details in the box and representatives attended to them. Print publications like The Economic Times and Mumbai Mirror had utilised the services for collecting the answers for the contests run by them. Even a matrimonial site had utilised the service for allowing their users to drop profiles in the boxes.

One of the brands that utilised the services, appreciated it and noted, “If utilised properly, it can also act as an interactive response measurement device.”

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