Big Picture Conference: ‘Create brands out of studios rather than iconic stars’

Big Picture Conference: ‘Create brands out of studios rather than iconic stars’

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Saturday, Nov 24,2007 5:57 AM

Big Picture Conference: ‘Create brands out of studios rather than iconic stars’

The Big Picture Conference 2007, organised by CII set up a grand finale with the I&B Ministry sharing the platform with industry leaders to understand the problems inhibiting the growth of the film industry in India.

Bobby Bedi, Chairman, CII National Films Committee, highlighted some of the issues raised during the course of this Conference, and pointed out that talent management in this industry and the corporatisation of the film industry were some of the points that were addressed during the sessions. Summing up the Conference and highlighting key points from the CII-AT Kearney report on the Indian film industry, Saurine Doshi, Partner, AT Kearney also noted the growth and importance of digitisation in the industry.

Questioning the definition of media, noted film director and producer Shekhar Kapur called the media “an emotional interface between the consumer and the creator”. Noting that piracy increased the brand value of any film product, he urged the industry to understand media before anything else and create brands out of studios rather than iconic stars. Stressing that web was a great digital tool that could be capitalised on by the Indian industry, Kapur also addressed the growing concern of creativity in a corporatised environment.

Priyaranjan Das Munsi, Minister for Information & Broadcasting and Parliamentary Affairs, talked about his experiences from his travels, and observed that the iconic stars of the Indian film industry were made by the commoners, who watched the movies sitting on the front benches of a cinema hall and not by the multiplex audiences. “Digitisation and upgradation of technology is good for the industry, but it should not be at the cost of affordability. I understand that it’s not possible in the initial stages, but it should be the long-term plan from the industry,” Das Munsi added.

The last session for the conference, a debate on ‘Bollywood vs Hollywood’ was organised by NDTV for its regular weekly ‘Big Fight’. The panelists for the special show from Goa included Shekhar Kapur, Bobby Bedi, Saurine Doshi, Preet Bedi and Pan Nalin.

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