BEYOND 2005 to witness congregation of world’s leading creative thinkers in Singapore

BEYOND 2005 to witness congregation of world’s leading creative thinkers in Singapore

Author | Shikha Saroj | Monday, Nov 07,2005 7:14 AM

BEYOND 2005 to witness congregation of world’s leading creative thinkers in Singapore

The world’s best creative thinkers are scheduled to convene in Singapore from November 15 and 16 at ‘BEYOND 2005: The Global Summit for Creative Industries’. The two-day summit will see some of the most creative minds from diverse disciplines like architecture, music, publishing, fashion design, technology, filmmaking, advertising and graphic design.

Harmandar Singh, appointed by the Singapore Government as Marketing Consultant for the event, said, “I want to expose the advertising fraternity to other creative industries. It’s the ideal way to learn and get inspired in today’s age of media convergence.” Ham, as he is popularly known, is Vice-president of the Malaysia Chapter of the International Advertising Association.

The panel of speakers include luminaries like Bob Isherwood, Global Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide; Tham Khai Meng, Co-Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather, Asia-Pacific; Yasmin Ahmad, Film Director, Malaysia; John Howkins, author of ‘The Creative Economy’; Malcolm McLaren, Founder, The Sex Pistols; Martine Sitbon, haute couture designer; Rem Koolhaas, Award-winning architect; Shekhar Kapur, award-winning film director from India; Richard Cook, Executive Editor, Wallpaper; Wykidd Song, Director, Song+Kelly21, among others.

Commenting on his presentation at the event, Isherwood said, “Under the heading, ‘World Changing Ideas’, I'll be exploring how creative thinkers and business leaders jointly hold the key to a better world for billions of people.”

The chairman of BEYOND 2005’s organising committee, Karthik Siva, said, “We believe that there’s creative potential waiting to be tapped in every business. But not everyone knows how to unlock this to realize its full potential. Delegates attending this summit will learn from the valuable experiences and insights presented by some of the world’s most renowned creative thinkers, and how they made creativity work for them. This will no doubt help launch Asian businesses into a new creative orbit.”

Speaking about his views on creative renaissance and convergence in the future, Isherwood said, “Advertising has always relied on creative inputs from outside the agency. But what about their photographers, illustrators, directors, musicians? In the current environment, I think we could see agency creative people really blossom - if they let themselves. I believe creative people apply creativity to everything they do in all aspects of their lives. Why shouldn't an agency art director come up with an idea for a TV soap? I think divergence is more likely than convergence.”

Siva added that this summit would not only talk about creativity but also discuss how creativity can be effectively applied in today’s competitive environment. The conference expects to attract 800 participants.

The event will have keynote addresses on both mornings followed by industry-focused workshops and discussion sessions combining broadbased issues with specialized topics.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to connect with leading international speakers as well as locally established practitioners across the arts, design and media sectors. Content will stretch across key creative industry pillars including, but not limited to, architecture, film, fashion, industrial design, advertising, graphic design, technology, media and entertainment.

A White Paper will be issued based at the end of the event and will be made available to governments around Asia interested in the growth and development of their creative industries.

The event in Singapore is being organised in conjunction with the Singapore International Design Festival (November 9-23), Ad Asia 2005 (November 19-23) and Asia Media Festival (November 14-December 2).

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