Best use of interactive media fetches silver to Virtual Marketing at GLOBES

Best use of interactive media fetches silver to Virtual Marketing at GLOBES

Author | Preeti Jadhav | Saturday, Oct 30,2004 8:16 AM

Best use of interactive media fetches silver to Virtual Marketing at GLOBES

Myenjoyzone.com, the website created by Virtual Marketing/Hungama.com for Coca-Cola has won Silver at the GLOBES. The website has a strong online loyalty programme Coke Crownz, a virtual currency program designed to reward the consumers visiting the website.

A pleased Neeraj Roy, MD & CEO, Hungama.com says, "Hungama.com has been Coca Cola's digital agency for four and half years now and it is one company which has been one of the most proactive brands on the internet. We are very delighted with global recognition this initiative has received."

Birth of Myenjoyzone.com - The objective here was to capitalize on the youth mania & be the coolest Hangout for Youth on net. Thus, was born the Coke Enjoy Zone on Hungama.com, a new definition on interactive brand presence. The Coke Zone captures all the associations that the brand identifies with - Movies, Music, Cricket, Romance and promotions & weaves interactivity with it, capitalizing on the Hungama traffic to provide users interactive.

The website aims to serve the objectives of, a strong online interactive interface that provides consumers with a unique, ongoing brand experience, a complete integration with all offline activations and build a deeper understanding of consumer needs, thoughts & aspirations through direct online dialogue & tracking.

The stupendous success of the zone, the frequency and level of user interaction further emphasized the need to capitalize on the consumer bond established, the need to extend the zone. The Coke Zone had an established community of surfers, a community that visited the website frequently. The need of the day was to build on this community in a fashion that does not alienate the fans & at the same time infuses new energy & enthusiasm. The solution for that was a stand-alone website - www.myenjoyzone.com.

Result - The Loyalty program is an integral part of myenjoyzone.com, and has achieved the objective of increasing the stickiness on the site and being a big incentive to the consumer. The users are able to collect Coke Crownz for the various activities like participation in e promos, trivia, games, etc. The Loyalty Programme is a strong indicator of the success of the website.

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