Berger Paints TVC is the palette for couples to paint their imagination

Berger Paints TVC is the palette for couples to paint their imagination

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Tuesday, Nov 06,2007 6:38 AM

Berger Paints TVC is the palette for couples to paint their imagination

The new commercial from Berger Paints extents its existing corporate line ‘Paint your imagination’ to target the young, nuclear, urban couples, and thus moving its strategy to lifestyle segment. JWT is the creative agency, while the TVC is the brainchild of the agency’s National Creative Director, Agnello Dias. The film has been produced by Illusion Films and directed by Shantanu Bagchi.

Dias explained that the brief given was to target young, nuclear, urban couples who had just moved into their new homes and had the freedom to experiment more with the colour on their walls, in sync with the ‘Paint your imagination’ theme.

On the insights, Dias said, “There were two insights on this. The first one being that most couples in love agree on larger issues like sharing their lives together, but tend to disagree on smaller things like the colour on the walls, the temperature on the AC or who should read the newspaper first. So, it’s all part of the ‘love khichdi’. The second behavioural insight was that we tend to smile in our sleep when we are dreaming of things we like.”

The TVC starts with a couple dreaming about the shades of the wall of their choice and smiling in their dreams. The film is pictured on the thoughts of the couple clashing with the colours on the wall, which ultimately takes the shape of a pretty design. Graphics have aided in mixing the shades to lend the desired design and combination.

Speaking on the marketing strategy, Abhijit Roy, Vice President-Marketing, Berger Paints, explained, “In the early ’80s, paints were looked upon as mere functional products. They were never looked at beyond festivals or any occasions. But around 1996, shades and colours in paints begun to be classified as more commercial. Various shades and ranges of paints were extended and explored. Currently, dark shades and textures are becoming popular, with more of mix-and-match taking place. And that is where our strategy lies in taking the brand to the lifestyle segment.”

Roy added that the target was the youth. “I believe India is all about being young. So we want to move to the lifestyle segment in paints which will deal with rich colours textures and finishes, and thus attract our TG,” he added.

On the promotional activities, Uttio Majumdar, Vice President and Client Services Director, JWT Kolkata, said, “While television is the key medium to establish the ‘Paint your imagination’ theme, a lot of other product specific communication will support to show how Berger actually helps you to paint your imagination.”

Under the Lewis Berger Kidz umbrella, the company has been associated with Cartoon Network which will allows kids to have some of their favourite cartoon characters like Powerpuff Girls and Johnny Bravo painted on their walls. Majumdar commented, “For a product like this, our main focus is on media that reaches out to this target audience.”

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