Beat the VUCA world with innovation and value: Bharat Patel

Beat the VUCA world with innovation and value: Bharat Patel

Author | Shobhana Nair | Thursday, Oct 17,2013 8:17 AM

Beat the VUCA world with innovation and value: Bharat Patel

The Indian business environment is volatile at the moment. The economic downturn, depreciating Rupee and upcoming elections have thrown back businesses. So how does one deal with such a scenario? 

To find answers to this critical dilemma, Indian Society of Advertisers has organised its first-ever Global CEO Conference on ‘Navigating a VUCA World’, wherein VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

“Innovation and ensuring value-for-money for consumers will be key,” said Bharat Patel, ISA Member and Independent Director, Birla Sun Life Asset Management.

He explained that in the Indian marketplace if you give great performance at a good price, you will never fall short of customers.

Talking about the various industries affected, he further added, “Infrastructure and steel are highly dependent on government policies which are in limbo right now due to the upcoming elections. Standard consumer goods, insurance, banking are going as good as anywhere else or may be slightly less due to inflation.”

Paul Polman, Chief Executive Officer, Unilever will be the keynote speaker at this conference.

Paulomi Dhawan, Events and Committee Chairperson, ISA, ISA Treasurer and Director – Landmarc Leisure and Advisor, Raymond shared, "At ISA, we always believe in quality. This definitely is a Global CEO Conference and hence, it will be world-class. The conference is about learning particularly in these times. It is all about how do we navigate in this VUCA world and how do we emerge as leaders."

The conference will take place on October 30, 2013 in Mumbai. It is being held in partnership with exchange4media Group.

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