be positive 24 adds two new accounts to its kitty

be positive 24 adds two new accounts to its kitty

Author | Judy Franko | Monday, May 07,2007 9:18 AM

be positive 24 adds two new accounts to its kitty

Chennai-based agency be positive 24 has added two new businesses to its kitty. These are Diva, which is a women’s ethnic wear store, and a conglomerate of three opticians — Kapleshwar Optics, Savera Opticians and Vision Care. The three optical brands are almost synonymous with the opticians in their respective localities. The cumulative size of the accounts is more than Rs 1 crore. There was no formal pitch involved for the businesses.

“We are really thrilled about a string of business acquisitions without even a single pitch since we have launched,” Abhishek D Shah, Managing Partner, be positive 24, said.

He added, “We notice a huge opportunity in this segment. There is hardly any branding exercise done for opticians, except for a few international brands. Most of the Indian brands take the visuals from those campaigns and put their brand names in the bottom. What we are trying to do is to create a new segment where opticians are part of the customers’ recall.”

“Besides brand-building which is obvious, there is a huge onus on customer relationship. We would like to establish a connect with the customers,” Shah added.

Speaking on Diva, Shah said, “Diva is positioned as a store for contemporary women who are grounded with India values. We would be looking forward to a communication plan that will not restrict us to billboards or newspaper and television. We would try to build a network of like-minded women and initiate a thought process that is synonymous with the brand.”

An excited Sandeep Makam, another Managing Partner of be positive 24, said, “We are trying to get into new sectors and are trying to refresh the category entirely by doing the work that has not been done, or done only in a certain way. We are suddenly making everyone believe that it does not necessarily have to be looked at in the same manner as it has always been.” He added that working on Diva would be very exciting because suddenly they have the opportunity to talk to a wider network of people in a format that is niche.

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