BBH officially launches India ops; presents ‘When the World Zigs, Zags’ philosophy

BBH officially launches India ops; presents ‘When the World Zigs, Zags’ philosophy

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Thursday, Nov 20,2008 6:46 AM

BBH officially launches India ops; presents ‘When the World Zigs, Zags’ philosophy

BBH India officially commenced its operations from November 19. Marking the agency’s presence in India, top three BBH Worldwide officials – Sir John Hegarty, Nigel Bogle and Simon Sherwood – presented their ‘When the World Zigs, Zag’ philosophy at an event organised by Ad Club Bombay.

Sir John Hegarty, Worldwide Creative Director, BBH, took the select gathering through his views on building point of views for the brands, the power of fame, brand strategy and the power of product demonstration. His presentation was based on the case studies of BBH’s works for Levis and Johnnie walker. He said, “We always believe fame is fundamentally important. In a cluttered world, fame has its importance for a brand as it is sure to connect with its consumers.”

He further said, “We at BBH also give equal importance to the power of strategy. The planning of strategy for us has always involved how intelligently we can have the brand creatively executed. And this is what we went ahead with our client Johnnie Walker. Our strategy for Johnnie Walker was that success is never about reaching a particular destination, but the journey that one has walked and moved on in life. Hence, ‘Johnnie Walker - Keep Walking’.”

Simon Sherwood, Group CEO, BBH, next took the stage to share with the audience how BBH as an agency had tried to make a difference, and organised and delivered its best for themselves through their work. Sherwood peppered his presentation with examples of their work for Vaseline, Vodafone, British Airways and Axe. He said, “Fifteen years ago, we had witnessed some interesting trends that emerged through cross-border similarities. At the moment, we are present in six countries and handle some global clients like Levis, Uniliver, Vodafone and others. However, the universal truth has been that one needs to communicate the brand strategy differently in different parts of the world. And that is what we have been doing with our clients for Axe.”

Nigel Bogle, Group Chairman, BBH, expressed his views on the age of engagement and planning. He also presented an overviewed their operations on Zag, BBH’s brand invention arm launched in 2005, which aims to create and develop new brands that it then licenses or sells to third parties in return for a share of ongoing sales revenues.

Bogle concluded his presentation by announcing BBH’s official presence in India. He said, “We approach the Indian advertising market with humility and respect. There is definitely very fine creative talent here. It is alright if we take some time to build our business base here as we are in no rush.”

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