BBDO India will sit alongside RK Swamy BBDO, says BBDO Asia Chairman & CEO

BBDO India will sit alongside RK Swamy BBDO, says BBDO Asia Chairman & CEO

Author | Tuhina Anand | Monday, Oct 15,2007 8:08 AM

BBDO India will sit alongside RK Swamy BBDO, says BBDO Asia Chairman & CEO

As BBDO India kickstarts its operations on November 1 in the country with the 7UP business in hand, there are certain queries that cross one’s mind about the fate of BBDO’s Indian partner, RK Swamy BBDO. Till now, RK Swamy BBDO has been identified as an agency of the BBDO Worldwide Network. So, will the dynamics change with the entry of BBDO India?

Chris Thomas, Chairman and CEO, BBDO Asia, clarified, “There is no change in our relationship with RK Swamy BBDO. It is our long-term partner and would remain so. BBDO India will sit alongside RK Swamy BBDO and afford us the opportunity to offer our clients two different flavours of BBDO in India.”

Further clarifying, Srinivasan K Swamy, Chairman and MD, RK Swamy BBDO, explained, “BBDO India is a division of RK Swamy BBDO. It was specifically created to handle the pitch, and now to manage the client. BBDO India draws from the talent and infrastructure of RK Swamy BBDO, Hansa, BBDO Asia and the BBDO Worldwide organisation. This division would be closely supervised by BBDO Asia to ensure that 7UP gets top level attention at all times.”

Echoing Swamy, Thomas said, “BBDO India was built for the 7UP pitch and staffed by resources from RK Swamy BBDO, Hansa and BBDO Asia. It is based in Delhi.”

In fact, Swamy revealed that RK Swamy BBDO’s creative teams from the latter’s three offices were actively involved in the pitch and were supported by creative people from Bangkok and Singapore. He added, “I am happy to state that our work was the one that got shortlisted for further development and was used in the presentation in a single-minded fashion, which won the business.”

RK Swamy BBDO views the entry of BBDO India as a move that would further strengthen the relationship between the Indian agency and BBDO Asia. This is primarily because BBDO Asia’s involvement will be high in servicing the needs of the 7UP brand. Being a division of RK Swamy BBDO, the new agency will have the entire organisational resources of the main agency available to them. Swamy added that the employees at BBDO India had been seconded from RK Swamy BBDO and they would be involved with the client in every manner necessary.

However, when queried on the fate of the internationally aligned businesses, which in the earlier context would have fallen into RK Swamy BBDO’s hands, but in the present context would have a contender in BBDO India, Swamy categorically said, “BBDO India has been created today to meet the requirements of Pepsi-7UP. Therefore, this will not impact any other client relationship.”

Thomas was more forthcoming on the new business acquisitions for BBDO India. He said, “In time, we hope BBDO India will compete for other clients. But for the next few weeks, we will have our hands full with 7UP.”

It has been also learnt that BBDO India is scouting for talent. The name of the new independent head of the agency could not be ascertained at the time of filing the report.

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