BBC sees ad growth from tourism, telecom, aviation, realty sectors

BBC sees ad growth from tourism, telecom, aviation, realty sectors

Author | Supriya Thanawala | Monday, Jan 08,2007 9:05 AM

BBC sees ad growth from tourism, telecom, aviation, realty sectors

With the New Year setting in, channels have already begun planning what will be in store for their viewers and advertisers. According to BBC World’s Head of Advertising and Sales, Seema Mohapatra, the sectors that would tick where air time sales and advertising were concerned included tourism, telecomm, aviation and real estate.

With viewer involvement being one of the most important priorities, Mohapatra said that low clutter on the channel during air time was something BBC would continue to keep as their policy. “When there are too many things on the screen, there is a tendency for the viewer to get distracted. We would like to continue to do this. Advertising clients and other surveys have shown that viewer attention is far higher when there is low clutter on the channel.”

Mohapatra, who overlooks the Air Time Sales (ATS) team, said that one of the most important things that they had done was identify key sectors that they would target with campaigns this year for clients.

Travel and tourism, energy clients, Indian multi-national companies, the telecom industry, realty industry, aviation sector, the banking and finance sector, as well as the IPO sector are some of the immediate concerns.

BBC has already signed a deal with Uttaranchal Tourism and created two films to market tourism there. “We have made two films on spirituality and adventure, both of which signify the spirit of the place,” said Mohapatra.

Some of their popular programmes, which include the tech-show ‘Clicks’, which has a high viewership from tech-towns like Hyderabad and Bangalore, ‘Fast Track’, the business of movies and ‘Best of Top Gear’ are also being seen by the channel as potentials for these sectors.

BBC is also planning to conceptualise campaigns for their existing advertising clients, besides looking for clients in the popular sectors. Raymonds, for instance, sponsors the one-minute update on the channel, called ‘Dressing Ettiquette’.

“While I cannot comment on all the other campaigns that will unfold in the year, this comprises some of the major chunk of our planning,” said Mohapatra.

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