Bacardi takes the digital route for ‘Bacardi Together’

Bacardi takes the digital route for ‘Bacardi Together’

Author | Purba Das | Friday, Jun 10,2011 9:57 AM

Bacardi takes the digital route for ‘Bacardi Together’

Bacardi, the white rum brand has upped its digital budget by 35 per cent in India, as it unveiled ‘Bacardi Together’, a digital and on-ground campaign, yesterday.

While the campaign hopes to address the growing concerns of friends and families spending less together, it also hopes to communicate the legal age of drinking, aggressively. The brand plans to promote the campaign across mediums with digital being the dominant media. The creative agency of the brand is Young and Rubicam while the media agency is Madison Media.

In a consumer engagement and co-creation initiative, Bacardi put up a base track created by musician Randolph Correira online and invited the consumers to add to the track.

Bacardi got more than 200 clips to be added to the song. According to Arvind Krishnan, Director, Marketing, Bacardi India, ten clips were shortlisted, and eventually, Correira used three clips for the final ‘Bacardi Anthem’. At the ground level, drummer Shivmani engaged with the consumers in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune.

As a part of the campaign, Bacardi is planning ‘Together Mix’ events across the country, where consumers can make their own playlist and ask musicians to play their tracks. “Bacardi will be a platform for them to connect and interact with each other,” said Krishnan. The brand hopes to reach out to more than twenty Tier-II and Tier-III cities through these events.

As it hopes to encourage musicians, and bring artistes together through the campaign, metros get a chance of exposure to international music, brought in my international musicians.

Meanwhile, Bacardi has given a facelift to its branding too, with the bat, its logo spreading its wings wider and looking ahead optimistically and with pride. The new logo gives a liberated and more dynamic spirited outlook.

The fonts used for Bacardi have also undergone a change. The word ‘Bacardi’ now has a grave accent at the end, highlighting the Bacardi family name and the human behind the brand.

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