Ash makes a comeback with new Coke TVC

Ash makes a comeback with new Coke TVC

Author | Sakshi Talwar | Monday, Feb 28,2005 7:09 AM

Ash makes a comeback with new Coke TVC

After a year-long break as Coke's brand ambassador, Aishwarya Rai is all set to rock the screen again with Coke's new television campaign that will be aired nationally across all C&S channels starting Tuesday.

"Ash had taken a backseat as Aamir Khan was promoting the 'thanda' concept but now we are using her again as part of our new consumer promotional campaign. It is not a revival of contract. We just didn't use her for the whole of last year," explained Vikas Kochhar, Senior Manager Communications, Coca-Cola India.

With a tagline of Thanda Aish-Cash, the new 60-second commercial has a heavy element of music, with the concept of Haryanvi rap being introduced for the first time. Ad filmmaker Ram Madhvani, who is also the director of critically acclaimed Let's Talk, has made the film.

Prasoon Joshi, Regional Creative Director South and South East Asia, McCann Erickson, said, "In tradition of Coke, we haven't done anything small. This is a design promo and we wanted it to have a thematic value. It is a filmi story line. This campaign tries to understand that everyone has their own set of dreams. It's a cute story where Rajpal Yadav wants to be elevated in stature so that his love interest respects him. The character was thoughtfully sketched to give it an innocent feel. Everything in the ad is on an exaggerated grand scale and very western in terms of treatment, with a song running in a Haryanvi accent."

The film opens with actor Rajpal Yadav as a coolie and Deepti Daryani as a sweeper on the railway platform - also his love interest. He then sees Ash on the platform television where she is explaining the new consumer promotion by Coke with grand prizes to be won. Yadav slips into a dream where he wins a trip to Hollywood with Aishwarya and his picture gets printed in the newspaper. The ad concludes with Daryani having a new found respect for Yadav.

Looking back, Aishwarya's last ad with Coke was over a year ago where her father comes home tired and the mother gets upset as they can't go out for dinner. Ash then creates the mood to celebrate the anniversary at home itself. "The previous ad with Ash was to move beyond just the thanda concept and to promote in home consumption," said Kochhar.

Kochhar added, "It's been a long time since we used music as the key element in our commercials. For about two years, Coke commercials had become Aamir Khan centric with six different campaigns, to integrate everything with Thanda Matlab Coca Cola concept. Like the Bihari ad was when we were launching the affordability strategy - five bucks for a bottle. We integrated thanda with paanch. Of course, Aamir's association will still be continued with this concept."

Considering the success of Aamir Khan campaigns, Coke yet again continues to build on the 'thanda' equity with Thanda Aish-Cash.

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