ASCI brings nine ads under scanner; one withdrawn, four modified

ASCI brings nine ads under scanner; one withdrawn, four modified

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Wednesday, Feb 17,2010 7:06 AM

ASCI brings nine ads under scanner; one withdrawn, four modified

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has released its report for the period December 2009 on ads that were either withdrawn or modified. A total of nine ads had been brought under the scanner, of which one ad has been withdrawn, four have been modified, while four ads were not upheld by the Consumer Complaints Councils (CCC).

Among the ads that came under the scanner, the one ad that was withdrawn was that of Telemart Shopping Network Pvt Ltd for its Saptarishi Sri Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach brand. The ad claims that the brand has supernatural qualities of providing energy and fending off all problems related to health, wealth and wisdom. As per CCC, the claims of the product were not substantiated, and thus the TVC has been withdrawn.

An ad from Wesley International Ltd for its Supermax Ultimate 3 blade Innovation brand claims that Supermax provides “endless shaves” and “Zero irritation”. However, as per CCC, the claim is false and misleading and neither backed by any independent technical data nor by any independently generated consumer data. Thus, the ad has been suspended and the advertisers have assured that the claims of “endless and smooth shaves”, and “zero irritation”, will not be used in their ads and promotional material.

Other ads that have been modified include Novartis India Ltd for its Otrivin Nasal Spray TVC, as the visual showed a dangerous practice without justifiable reason. The advertiser assured appropriate modification of the TVC. The Airtel Digital TV ad is also being modified as the ad was found to be misleading, as the viewer of the TVC is led to believe that Airtel Digital TV has superior picture quality because of MPEG4 or DVBS2.

The Unicharm India Pvt Ltd ad for Mamy Poko Pants diapers claim that Mamy Poko Pants is ‘Japan’s No.1’. According to CCC, the claim is false and misleading. The said variant of Mamy Poko diapers, which is being sold in India, is not actually sold in Japan. Thus, the claim that the said variant is Japan’s No.1 is not true. The TVC has been suspended and the advertiser has assured appropriate modification of the same.

Amongst the ads not upheld by CCC, included Red Bull India Pvt Ltd, Orion Appliances Pvt Ltd for Spectrawide Water Purification System, Dabur Uveda Fairness Cream, Nutra Skyn Care for its Toppik Hair Building Fibers.

The claim made in the TVC that Red Bull energy drink vitalises body and mind was substantiated. The tagline, “Red Bull gives you wings”, is an advertising license intended to amuse and hence, not likely to cause grave or widespread offence. As for Dabur Uveda, CCC considered the studies conducted by the advertiser in respect of the claims made in the print ad and in the TVC, and the technical advice provided on the complainant’s and the advertiser’s data. Thus, claims were substantiated.

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