Arun Nanda appointed to Young & Rubicam's Global Leadership Council

Arun Nanda appointed to Young & Rubicam's Global Leadership Council

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Nov 20,2002 5:19 AM

Arun Nanda appointed to Young & Rubicam's Global Leadership Council

Arun Nanda, Chairman and Managing Director of Rediffusion DY&R Brand Communications and Co-Chairman of Dentsu Young & Rubicam/Wunderman, Asia-Pacific, has been appointed to the Global Leadership Council of Young & Rubicam Advertising, one of the world's top ten agencies.

Mike Dolan, Chairman and CEO of Y&R Advertising announced that Y&R is flattening its organizational structure around the world, cutting across geography and hierarchy to make a completely client-centric agency. He also added that a group of senior managers, which forms the new Global Leadership Council, would now govern the agency globally.

"Y&R Advertising is organizing to reflect the way we do business today," said Dolan. "In the past, agencies managed themselves geographically and hierarchically. That's no longer enough. The focus of the council will be squarely on delivering the best of the agency to clients, wherever they do business. As such, the council's charter is to cut across all traditional organizational lines on behalf of our clients," he continued.

"The Global Leadership Council importantly gives many of its participants a new voice in determining the direction of the agency. This infusion of new blood in our management circle will invigorate us and help us keep our clients front and center," Dolan stated. "The members of the council have uplifted their clients' brands, and each has a proven ability to work across communications disciplines. What's more, they live the principle of teamwork every day. They know that putting together diverse talents in a free exchange of ideas makes us stronger collectively and individually," Dolan added.

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