Arrow unleashes its pedigree to rise above the rest

Arrow unleashes its pedigree to rise above the rest

Author | Tuhina Anand | Thursday, Apr 24,2008 8:11 AM

Arrow unleashes its pedigree to rise above the rest

Male clothing brand Arrow, which stands for correctness in dressing, has come out with its new campaign with the theme ‘When you know’. Arrow, with a pedigree that is almost 150 years old, has always been the authority on dressing right. The campaign reinforces its positioning of the discerning expert for today’s young customers who are also people who ‘know’ what they want in life.

The print campaigns reflect the Indian environment of today, which is seen as an era of excesses. It highlights the fact that ‘When you know’ stands for conscious people who know that true style is not a consequence of fashion but of timeless elegance. The print ads give an insight into the lifestyle of a modern sophisticate – his passions, his acquisitions and his innate sense of dress.

Shivaraj Subramanian, Marketing Head, Arrow, said, “The campaign is more thematic in nature and not directly related to any specific sales target. Through this image driven campaign, we are looking at connecting with the upmarket clientele for whom affordability is not an issue. These are people who have moved from acquisition to enrichment. They have a sophisticated taste and Arrow with its brand values is synonymous to these clients’ preferences.”

Arrow felt a need to move away from being just in the product space to being a lifestyle. The idea is to make the brand bigger, but not be seen just as a garment, hence a communication to reach to its TG, which is primarily male SEC A in the 25-35 age group.

The campaign has been created by Alok Nanda & Co (ANC) and sticks to primarily print. It would be supported by digital and outdoor. Giving the reason for not doing a TVC, Subramanian said, “The decision is more strategic and done after a media evaluation on the need of a category like ours. If a need arises, we might go on television, but we feel that people need a point of view in a garment category and like to spend some time on the ads, which is provided by the print medium.”

The company has also created its digital presence through the website, which, besides talking about the brand, campaign and the product, also focuses on interactivity. It invites people to share their experiences using the ‘When you know’ platform.

Subramanian also informed that the company had a strong support of its loyal customers whom they reached through their catalogues. He said, “With the catalogues, people get to understand how an ensemble would work for them, instead of picking up just a particular piece. These superbly done catalogues get people to buy the ensembles.”

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