Archies bridges generations with Father’s Day commercial

Archies bridges generations with Father’s Day commercial

Author | Ashish Singh | Friday, Jun 18,2004 8:08 AM

Archies bridges generations with Father’s Day commercial

Celebrating silver jubilee, Archies leaves no stone unturned to observe Father’s day as a memorable day to live up to its characteristic tenderness and affection for your Father. This time the group has hired the services of The Hive to showcase the essence of Archies in a meticulously crafted TVC, which is on air only on HBO and CHannel [V].

On being asked upon why only HBO and CHannel [V], Sushil Pandit, head, The Hive, shared with that it was a media decision. “We are talking to the youth through an youth-oriented entertainment channel. It is vacation time and we are confined indoors. Also, we found these two channels as cost effective and apt in terms of a cost-effective strategy.” He said.

The 30-second TVC breaks with a clutter of voices like a giggle, cherubic chortle of a girl, the roaring sound of a motor-bike strongly supplemented by a gripping visual of ‘Father & You’. The gap widens with the voices intruding into the space of father and you. The VO, ‘Hasn’t a lot come between you and your father. Get back to your father just with an Archies card’ says it all.

Explaining the brief to the agency, Pandit elaborated by saying that the brief was to evolve the Father’s Day activity into an annual event. “This constituted an effective message that the ad starts in a neat manner by saying ‘Father & You’, that space begins to grow to the extent that they are wide apart. It is due to the other natural pre-occupations like bikes, girlfriend, college, first job, friends, gym and then you are re-united with your father in the most natural fashion. It hammers home the point much more tellingly.

Youhan Darrab Aria, COO, Archiesonline, stated that unlike other TVCs of Archies this was a distinct shift in its own manner, “The earlier TVCs were more visual centric and visually rich. This time we are getting straight to the point.” Further commenting upon the TVC, Darrab said, “The opening of the TVC shows the first stage where the external distraction do take toll on the son/daughter and father relationship. As a social expression company I wanted to make Father’s Day a fulfilling day by saying that an Archies card can get you close to your father.” Sharing the marketing strategy for Father’s Day, he added that Archies had started by print campaigns and was elegantly communicating through the TVCs.

Archies is a market leader in the social expression industry in India with over 50% marketshare. Archies has just completed 25 years this March and is poised to grow from strength to strength over the next two years with the launch of over 50 company-owned stores in prime retail space. The company caters to its consumers through a wide retail network that comprises of over 475 franchise and company owned and managed outlets spread within India and six countries internationally.

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