AR Rahman: The man, his music and his brands

AR Rahman: The man, his music and his brands

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Friday, Aug 24,2007 9:34 AM

AR Rahman: The man, his music and his brands

AR Rahman, one of the greatest musical wizards in the country and known for his passion for perfection in his musical compositions, is the face for two brands in the country – Airtel and WorldSpace. Numerous brands might have knocked on his door with endorsements, however, Rahman believes that only if a brand creates a connect with him would he endorse it.

“First thing is that the product or brand should connect with me, and it should be not just for the sake of doing it. I don’t sign every product I get. For example, in WorldSpace and Airtel I saw a connection with the people and myself. That was the reason I signed on with them,” elaborated Rahman.

When queried on whether he would join the bandwagon of cola drink endorsers, he said, “I will not go for colas as I don’t see a connection there, and I had refused it even when I was offered a chance to endorse them five years ago.”

Observing that he didn’t have any particular preferences in brands and types of products that he would sign on in future, Rahman stressed, “When I think a product is right for me, I will surely sign up with it.”

His music might be preferred by millions around the world and brands might be queuing up for strategic associations with him, but one thing is certain, Rahman is a difficult person to please.

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