Aquaguard Total seeks to reposition water purifiers

Aquaguard Total seeks to reposition water purifiers

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Saturday, Aug 08,2009 7:35 AM

Aquaguard Total seeks to reposition water purifiers

The new campaign for Aquaguard Total water purifiers with SMP+ from Eureka Forbes Ltd seeks to take forward the brand’s trust proposition. The new TVC conceptualised by Triton Communications uses a mother’s protective attitude towards her child to get across the message of protection from the various known and unknown impurities in water.

The campaign, which broke last week, will be on air for two months.

Pankaj Arora, Executive Director, Triton Communications, explained, “The brief from the client was to come up with a campaign for the launch of Aquaguard Total Water Purifiers with SMP+ and promote it as the most advanced water purifier that would re-position all other water purifiers in the market.”

The film opens with a mother singing a lullaby for her young son. She applies a ‘Kala Tikka’ on him to protect him from any bad omen and as a mark of her love for him. Along with that, she also makes the sign of ‘Infinity’ (which is part of the Aquaguard Total logo) on his stomach as a promise of protection from the various known and unknown impurities in water – a kind of ‘infinite’ protection. The ad then goes on to show how germs are killed with multiple technologies using E-boiling+, UV+, RO+, and SMP+, which impart sweetness, minerals and purity to the water. The film closes with mother and father holding their happily gurgling baby with the Infinity sign forming a ring of protection around them as a mark of the Aquaguard promise.

“The consumer has been introduced to various technologies of water purification like UV and RO over the years. She does not know which is the best technology, all she wants is pure and sweet tasting water,” added Arora.

He further said, “The strategy was to use ‘trust’, which is the core of the Aquaguard brand, to launch the most advanced water purifier in the country. Aquaguard has always promised the purest and safest water and continues to do so, this time with a technology that renders all other water purifiers obsolete – Aquaguard Total now offers SMP+ (Sweetness+Minerals+Purity) along with eBoiling, UV and RO – all in one hi-tech water purifier.”

He also informed that the TVC broke on all entertainment channels. “The print ad is going to break in all newspapers and a few magazines. There will also be some BTL activities and leaflets that we are going to undertake,” he added.

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