Aprais fortifies presence with new service launches

Aprais fortifies presence with new service launches

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Monday, Apr 05,2010 8:55 AM

Aprais fortifies presence with new service launches

Aprais has launched some new services to help evaluate and improve client-agency relationships as also improve account tenure. Aprais has been enhancing the ROI of business relationships. Now, along with the traditional 360 degree evaluations, it has recently introduced 180 degree evaluations and multi-way evaluations.

Sunil Gupta, Regional Director South West Asia, Aprais, explained, “We believe client agency relationships are partnerships. Aprais’ services are tailored to suit each individual partnership’s goals and circumstances. Objective measurement and evaluation of partnerships is very important. We believe in continuous and measured improvement of such relationships. We have enough evidence over 10 years of working with clients and agencies across the globe to show that agencies who use Aprais have less than 15 per cent of relationship attrition.”

He further said, “Aprais helps to establish relationships longer. And no client wants to lose an agency as it is not easy to choose a new agency, and even then there is no guarantee that the new agency will be any better than the incumbent. Working with Aprais means that the client and agency benefit from a combination of a full range of relationship and performance management options, including: 360 degree evaluations – for full team on team evaluation situations where an in-depth understanding of the relationship – through absolute scores and perception gaps is required.”

For the recently introduced 180 degree evaluations for lighter evaluations, full self-evaluation and gap analysis is not essential. The agency evaluates the client and the client evaluates the agency. And the new multi-way evaluations, complex evaluations involving three or more teams, where it is necessary to capture and assess the interactions between the various teams that are involved in the relationship. This offering is between a client, agency and a third party business associate, for example, a film producer.

Gupta added, “We found that the market needed more flexible offerings and the ability to measure different types of relationships and that is why we have launched what we call Aprais 2.0.”

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