Appy Fizz, making a song and dance about new look

Appy Fizz, making a song and dance about new look

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Sep 18,2008 8:15 AM

Appy Fizz, making a song and dance about new look

Parle Agro’s sparkling apple drink Appy Fizz has assumed a new look, and is making a song and dance about it – in a new TVC. The TVC is in keeping with its youth-centric positioning and continues with the tagline: ‘A cool drink to hang out with’.

The TVC has been conceptualised by Creativeland Asia and directed by Rajesh Krishnan of Sodafilms. The overseas post was supervised and co-ordinated by Crocodile Films, while the animation was done by MFX, Malaysia.

In the new TVC, Appy Fizz wears a suave look – a new label with cool graphics and a fun personal profile. The team that has worked on the creative idea for the campaign includes Sajan Raj Kurup, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer and Vikram Gaikwad, Partner and Executive Creative Director, along with Anu Joseph, R Venkatraman, Huzefa Kapadia and Jay Gala.

Kurup said, “I’m really thrilled with Appy Fizz’s brand new stylish avatar. You’ll see a side to him that you had never seen before. The panache with which he performed his dance steps has made me a fan. I’ve never seen a bottle move like this.”

In the previous two seasons, Appy Fizz as a brand had built the reputation of being a witty, opinionated, young and cool drink to hang out with. “With the product now getting a stylish new label, it was imperative to announce this with a bang that had added style into its repertoire. The new commercial is just that – funny meets stylish. And the result is a rocker,” Kurup gushed.

Commenting on the strategy, Nadia Chauhan, Director, Parle Agro, explained, “Appy Fizz isn’t just a sparkling apple drink, as a brand he’s representative of the youth. And the youth is all about constant change and experiments – with looks and style, with ideas and beliefs. Appy Fizz’s new look is in keeping with that kind of a mindset.”

The challenge for Kurup has been to mirror, and stimulate the constantly evolving sensibilities of the youth.

The TVC opens with Appy Fizz’s friends who come to a super store asking for him. The shopkeeper calls out for Appy Fizz, who yells out from a refrigerator, “I’m changing”. When he steps out, he takes his friends by surprise with his new look. The Appy Fizz bottle then dances his way down the store aisle to the accompaniment of popping champagne bottles and flying potato chips. As he ‘flies’ on a skateboard, he even tells any viewer who might be having thoughts of emulating him, “Don’t try this at home”. Appy Fizz then walks out of the store with his friends.

Speaking about the kind of detailing in the new packaging, Nadia Chauhan said, “It’s about engaging the consumer at the first point of contact and engineering the right kind of start to the relationship.”

Creating a consumer engagement is the big agenda in the list for the product. Thus, it has its own website,, which will be up in a week’s time. Designed like the Appy Fizz’s home, the website will have a lot of interactive stuff like the jokebox, party invites, funny greeting e-cards, and mocktail/ cocktail mixes.

The other mediums that would be used for the promotional activities include outdoor, events, radio and in-store activities. The commercial will be on air for another six weeks.

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