Anil Ralph Thomas @ Cannes: Some gyaan on selling radio spots

Anil Ralph Thomas @ Cannes: Some gyaan on selling radio spots

Author | Anil Ralph Thomas | Wednesday, Jun 22,2011 9:32 AM

Anil Ralph Thomas @ Cannes: Some gyaan on selling radio spots

After a long night as usual. The next was a drudgery. Dragging myself to the venue. After the previous day’s damp squib, I had no expectations for the day. The usual hustle-bustle. People greeting and hugging each other, especially Indians hugging everyone else who looked like they were from the same country. Some probably wouldn’t have met each other for years, but greeted each other like they were flat mates.

Anyway, so I waltzed into this workshop about ‘How to ensure your radio ideas don’t get killed by clients’ by a gentleman called Hertz. Quite an affable character, with a soothing voice and a sense of humour that was understated and charming. A lost art.

So, it was quite an insightful and entertaining workshop to say the least. We went over examples and examples and that still didn’t bore us. It was an interactive session where people presented scripts and he then explained how they could have done better. So that was good. Tips on selling a radio spot to a client using pictures and story boards was a new one for me and hence a must try.

A few beers and grilled meats later I found myself in a packed auditorium where the Coke seminar was to be held. Jonathan (Mildenhall, Vice-President, Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence, The Coca-Cola Company) made an excellent presentation with superb graphics to take us through Coke’s new processes on reaching/ engaging consumers through conversations, etc. And he got a resounding applause for his efforts. So that was good.

A couple of hours’ break and then the anticipated Radio/ Outdoor/ Media Lions commences. A lot of nervous energies around quite visible, which will eventually lead to the famed iconic ‘Gutter Bar’, frequented a lot by most Indian delegates. Wonder if it’s the last refuge of Slumdog metal winners.

[Anil Ralph Thomas is Regional Creative Director at McCann World Group (South India)]

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