Anantha Narayan & PC Muralidharan set up India’s first brand naming consultancy

Anantha Narayan & PC Muralidharan set up India’s first brand naming consultancy

Author | Judy Franko | Friday, Feb 26,2010 6:52 AM

Anantha Narayan & PC Muralidharan set up India’s first brand naming consultancy

It seems to be a season for specialists. Joining the growing list of ad men, who are calling it a day in their agencies to set up creative hot shops and design factories, is Anantha Narayan. Smelling an opportunity in the brand naming space in India, Narayan has teamed up with PC Muralidharan to start one. Christened ‘Albert Dali’, the start-up, the duo claims, is India’s first end-to-end naming outfit targeted at anyone in the market for a trademarkable, domainable, positionable, communicable and sustainable brand name.

Narayan has earlier worked with agencies like Contract, McCann, Mudra, RK Swamy BBDO and is the (he still continues to be the co-founder & CD of 1 Pointsize.

Albert Dali is a virtual naming collective that, as the duo claims, will leverage the power of the Internet to deliver names in any language, for any client, anywhere in the world. Albert Dali begins its commercial operations on February 26, 2010. The start-up is geography-neutral and operates out of

Elaborating on this new venture, Muralidharan said, “If you add up all the words, of all the languages spoken on Planet Earth, you’ll end up with less than 10 million words. In the last quarter of 2009 alone, 11 million domain names were registered. So, clearly words are in short supply. And there’s a huge demand the world over for newly invented names that are meaningful and easy to pronounce. That’s where Albert Dali comes in. We feel India has enough linguists and wordsmiths to feed this global greed.”

Albert Dali will be a one-stop shop for name creation, name critique, name audit, name trade-marking, name booking, name seeding and even name numerology, according to the duo.

Narayan added here, “Why just India? By virtue of being the world’s first brand naming collective, we have access to some of the finest names in naming in Shanghai, London, Minnesota and New York. If an Indian brand wants to go global, we are best suited to handle the christening.”

According to the duo, a name was a tricky thing and the shortest story of a brand. If you get it right, you get a ready-made advertising idea and a headstart. If you get it wrong, you end up with just another name. In these times when every buck counts, a good name can save lots of moolah, they maintained.

“The time tested way to get a good brand name is to go to a naming specialist. That’s what companies do in America. Over time, it’s bound to get replicated here,” concluded Narayan.

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