Amway TVC highlights the desire to be heard

Amway TVC highlights the desire to be heard

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Wednesday, Sep 19,2007 9:05 AM

Amway TVC highlights the desire to be heard

Direct selling FMCG company Amway India has brought out a new TVC. The creative agency behind the TVC is Rediffusion DYR. The big idea behind this campaign is based on a small truth that everyone all wants to be heard.

Naveen Anand, VP-Marketing, Amway India, said, “The brief we gave to the agency was that we want to be seen as a company who makes products in different categories. Our key focus is that we engage with the consumers in a creative way; we have an ability to listen to consumer needs.”

The TVC opens with a kid longingly looking at a kite stuck on a high wall. He looks at the camera and says, ‘Mujhe lamba karo’. A fat man stuck between two cars while trying to get into one of the cars says, ‘Mujhe patla karo’. An unfit guy, trying to catch a bus, points at a healthy guy jogging and says, ‘Mujhe aisa karo’. A middle-aged woman points at a hoarding with the picture of a beautiful girl on it and says, ‘Mujhe vaisa karo’. A guy sitting with his head under a towel and balls of tissue paper around him looks into the camera and says, ‘Mujhe healthy karo’. The little kid continues to look at the kite stuck on the wall and says, ‘Arre jaldi karo’.

In the next sequence, in a waiting lounge, a man puts his hands behind his head. A lady sitting next to him gets disgusted with the odour, and says, ‘Kuch to sharam karo’. The next shot is of a woman pointing at dirty items angrily, and says, ‘Ye saaf karo’. A man, unable to clean a dirty car, looks in despair says, ‘Mujhe maaf karo’. The little kid still stands next to the wall and says, ‘Arre koi hain?’ Then the voiceover is heard, ‘Ek company hai jo aapki aawaaz sun rahi hain, tabhi to woh aapki…Amway ke world-class products.’

Ajay Gehlot, Creative Director, Rediffusion DYR, said, “The brief we got from the client was to basically communicate that Amway has a large range of needs ranging from home, personal and health.”

Gehlot added that the message conveyed through the TVC was that people have a lot of needs and they usually have the desire to have their needs met. These products are for people to voice their demands.

“The TVC will go on air in all the main news and entertainment channels from September 19, and will go on for seven weeks. The print campaign will break in October-November in all the national dailies and a few magazines. The outdoor campaign will be visible in October all over India. We will also do below-the-line activities like mailers, leaflets, etc.,” added Gehlot.

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