Amrita TV takes a tour of 'Beautiful Earth'

Amrita TV takes a tour of 'Beautiful Earth'

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Monday, Feb 05,2007 9:52 AM

Amrita TV takes a tour of 'Beautiful Earth'

Amrita Television has launched new international travel show 'Beautiful Earth' from February 4, which will be aired every Sunday between 12 pm and 12.30 pm.

Each episode would be anchored by a celebrity selected from Amrita TV's global network. The channel has roped in Ashley Richardson from the US and Kane Robinson from Austraila to speak about the hot tourist destinations in their respective countries.

According to A Sushil Kumar, Global Head, Marketing and Communications, Amrita Television, the wide canvas of 'Beautiful Earth' would provide glimpses of the world's well-known places besides the show would also showcase the cultural diversity and performing arts.

For example, anchors can be seen taking a peek from Universal Studios to the thunderous Niagara Falls, from the Swiss Alps to bustling vibrant Tokyo, ride with the cowboys in America's Wild West, meet up with kangaroos in Australia and Le Ballet in France, etc. The programme would also bring to the fore hitherto unknown facets about everyday life from around the world.

"Produced by an international crew from the US, Japan, France and India, 'Beautiful Earth' is expected to give broader perceptive about these places to travel aficionados who would like to visit these place," Kumar added.

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