AMO has its ammunitions stocked, moves ahead with processes and systems

AMO has its ammunitions stocked, moves ahead with processes and systems

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Thursday, Feb 08,2007 9:14 AM

AMO has its ammunitions stocked, moves ahead with processes and systems

AMO Communications, set up in 2000, has been working on clients like Mahindra & Mahindra, Nissan and Godrej Aadhar, to name a few. Speaking about the agency and its philosophy, Elvis Dias, MD, AMO Communications, said, “We are an agency that believes in processes and systems, which is something advertising agencies never do.” According to Dias, advertising was “salesmanship in print, radio, television and any other medium that will be identified from time to time”.

He further said, “AMO Communications was set up with a view of putting together some models in my mind, which I wanted to introduce to the advertising world, which were not practised, not from an external point of view, but from an internal point of view.” He also believed that the agency would create some kind of a difference, not from a quantitative perspective, but from a qualitative perspective.

The agency, which has been credited with launching brands like Nissan and Qantas Airways in India, had also launched Bijlee, India’s first battery-operated three-wheeler, in the country. Talking about the experience in handling such diverse brands, Dias said, “We handle a set of clients which are premium. And, I think, we are probably the only advertising agency to have experience in handling brands in each and every category in the market place.”

Elaborating on the services on offer for various clients, Dias said, “We are doing what hundreds of other ad agencies do, plus in addition to that we are carving a niche for ourselves by providing them services like film editing, sound mixing, etc. Since we ourselves are quite IT savvy, we are very happy providing these services to our clients.”

Revealing that Nissan would be launching their new Sedan in March this year, for which the agency is doing the creatives, Dias also explained about the approach taken for Asia Motor Works’ new truck that was introduced in the Indian market. The company played with the Indian mentality of topping up on everything with a message of ‘Always carry more’ for the truck which had more tonnage space than any other truck in the market.

In the retail sector, for the urban markets we have the electronics chain Next and for the rural market, there is Godrej Aadhar that sells everything under the roof. In an image building campaign for Aadhar, the agency had put in a social message of not using fertilisers and instead use processes like vermiculture, and so on.

“I think in the next 3-4 years, we will be the only agency to have our legs well-entrenched in both the urban and rural sectors so well that we will know how to promote urban products in rural areas and vice versa,” Dias asserted.

“We are already a Rs 80-100 crore agency now and we aim to take it to around Rs 300 crore by the year 2010. We also believe that we have already identified the emerging category and we are working towards that for establishing ourselves before anyone else,” he further said.

The agency is reportedly pioneering a model for measuring and tracking advertising value in a campaign. Dias felt that brand managers should go beyond sales figures and work on building brand values. He said, “I still feel that nowadays consumers are looking through re-branding and re-imaging, and brands have to work on improving the product or service.”

Sharing his thoughts on the new and emerging mediums, Dias said, “They are playing an important role, a niche but qualitative role.”

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