Allen Solly re-fabricates ‘Friday Dressing’

Allen Solly re-fabricates ‘Friday Dressing’

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Oct 21,2011 9:12 AM

Allen Solly re-fabricates ‘Friday Dressing’

Allen Solly has been redefining work wear through its ‘Friday Dressing’ concept in the 1990s and early 2000s, which has become the signature for the brand. The brand’s core USP of Friday Dressing has held it in good stead over the last many years.

Today, with stress and uncertainty becoming a daily challenge to deal with at the workplace, Allen Solly has sought to make a bold statement, firmly believing that no breakthrough work happens when one is stressing out.

The brand’s vision is to lighten up the workplace. The studies carried out by the brand show that apparel shapes an individual’s behaviour and approach. And hence, the need to be dressed in apparel that keeps one’s spirits up, always. This is achieved through apparel that is vibrant, stylish, colourful and upbeat.

Going forward, the brand’s core positioning seeks to broaden the meaning of Fridays by emphasising on its spirit defined as Upbeat, Relaxed and Effortless without ever losing sight of the target. It advocates the need to lighten up the workplace.

Sooraj Bhat, Brand Head – Allen Solly, commented, “Allen Solly’s ability to connect with its consumers at an emotional level is high. Our latest campaign ‘Adios Stressing’ infuses the workplace with the spirit of Fridays through the week – Upbeat, Relaxed and Effortless. Our range of Friday Dressing is vibrant, colorful and stylish connecting brilliantly with our brand thought.”

The new commercial is a musical and truly breaks ground in apparel advertising space. The tone is candid and music has been rendered through A Cappella. The commercial is on air currently across India’s leading channels.

Allen Solly has a very simple yet effective consumer engagement model. Horses for Courses, if we may call it. While TV will be used to create and communicate the brand thought, print will primarily be used for creating strong product preference and fashion sensibilities. And of course the digital medium will be leveraged to engage with the consumers. Allen Solly today has a thriving Facebook community and the new commercial was previewed with them before being released on air.

“Consumers today are smart and well informed. It therefore is critical to be very sharp and specific with our communication and at the same time leave a little space open for them to interpret it in their language. And this is best done through the digital medium,” said Sooraj Bhat.

The brand has been performing well over the years. Allen Solly claims to dominate the work casuals category and has maintained a CAGR of almost 30 per cent over a period of three years and has set itself a very aggressive target for next three years be it in terms of revenues or distribution.

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