Aliagroup introduces branding as a communication base

Aliagroup introduces branding as a communication base

Author | Sakshi Talwar | Monday, Jan 31,2005 8:18 AM

Aliagroup introduces branding as a communication base

Brand building is not just about advertising and marketing anymore. In today's scenario where consumers are bombarded with several brands, need of the hour is to instil the brand into the hearts and minds of the consumers. It requires a high brand recall and thus the strong brand foundation is the new mantra.

Aliagroup, a seven-year old company basically existing in the space of branding and creating brand wealth, has introduced branding as a communication base and not as advertising. "Aliagroup is not an advertising agency. It is a media neutral branding firm that believes in the power of brand design to drive brands to leadership positions, achieving 95 per cent of its business growth through word of mouth," says Sanjeev Malhotra, Director Aliagroup.

Aliagroup gives its service to over 20 brand owners that include Reliance, Pillsbury, Amul, ITC, Unilever, Sara Lee, HLL and others. 38 per cent of the company's business comes from HLL. Realising the need for focused and specialised services beyond advertising to the distinct need of emerging Indian market, the group branding services enhance brand communication by identifying and creating a brand style.

"We don't do media strategies. Our role is the combination of brand managers and advertising agencies. Our USP is that we are media neutral and budget neutral. First let's decide what the brand value is and then we can consider the budget and media," says Malhotra.

"There are brands who are large spenders on advertisements but there is no foundation to the brand. Effective communication management plays an important role in the creation of brand identity and building brand equity. The role of branding and design has to extend beyond recognition into evoking emotions. There should be non-negotiable standards for a brand, which every individual of the company should conform to. This not only gives consistency in communication but also a higher brand value for consumers", he adds

Clearly, long-term brand success is achieved by going beyond awareness into experience and involvement opportunities. Simplicity in brand expression is a sure shot technique. Though what remains to be seen is the fact that how many brands can survive in the changing marketplace and perceptions.

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