Alfonso Rodés Vilà, CEO, Havas Media, turns Guest Editor for

Alfonso Rodés Vilà, CEO, Havas Media, turns Guest Editor for

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Dec 01,2010 8:25 AM

Alfonso Rodés Vilà, CEO, Havas Media, turns Guest Editor for

It is not easy to be warm and candid at the same time, but Alfonso Rodés Vilà, CEO, Havas Media, manages it just well. In his interaction with the team, as the site’s Guest Editor on November 30, 2010, Alfonso shared insights and experiences while advising the team on approaching stories and developments in the Indian media, advertising and marketing industry.

One subject that saw intense discussion was the issues on media credibility and how media was approaching some of the recent developments. Whether it is Wikileaks or the Radia Tapes, media is faced with some tough questions these days. Alfonso observed, “On the one hand there is the dilemma of whether such developments should be published because once you do, you cannot control what follows. But the important point to remember is that the world today is as transparent as it can be. That is a good thing but it comes with its own challenges that one should be prepared for.”

The digital domain was discussed intensely in the editorial meet for the various opportunities that it presents, whether it was about the advent of tablets in India that would lead to change in media consumption habits or the growth in digital television households and the impact this would have on the television and advertising industry. The pricing of tablets in India was discussed and the views were that at present, tablets may find it difficult to justify their pricing as against netbooks and notebooks. However, Alfonso is amongst those optimistic on the tablet market and was of the opinion that its impact on the consumer was already visible. He also pointed out that the future would see consumers with multiple devices than just any one.

Alfonso has some strong views on what this digital future entailes. To know more on that, read Notes From the Guest Editor’s Desk on today...


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