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Airtel extends friendship positioning with latest TVC

Airtel extends friendship positioning with latest TVC

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Aug 14,2012 8:09 PM

Airtel extends friendship positioning with latest TVC

Airtel has always been innovative in executing its campaigns to build a stronger consumer connect. Post its ‘Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai' campaign, the brand has gone one step ahead to celebrate the spirit of friendship.

Its new TVC, themed ‘Jo Mera Hain Wo Tera Hai’ depicts how in today's day and age friends share every thought and update each other on social networking sites. The commercial ends with a tagline ‘Friendship ki sharing ko hamesha on rakhiye’.

A red double-decker open top bus was used as the setting which apart from being a fresh setting, also made the point of the youth being mobile. The television commercial was conceptualised and executed by Taproot Communications.

Bharat Bambawale, Director – Global Brand, Bharti Airtel said, “‘Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai’ was our first insight on friendship. The task was to find another insight that was in connection to the internet as we wanted to put out a leadership point of view about internet usage. There has been a lot of noise about mobile internet and 3G but no compelling thought that can galvanise millions into adopting it and that was something we wanted to do so that when people thought of the internet, they thought of Airtel.”

The insight the brand honed in on was that young people share a relationship with their families but with their friends who are online, they share their entire lives.

The line that beautifully sums up this sharing between friends is ‘Jo mera hai wo tera hai, Jo tera hai wo mera’ and this became the catchphrase of the brand’s new campaign.

Shedding some light on the execution, Agnello Dias, Chairman and Co-Founder, Taproot India said, “It’s an extended concept. Basically, last year we were exploring different kinds of friends. This year it’s about how many different ways we share and how many ways we share our interests. Airtel makes all this possible. The concept has entrenched in a phase of friendship plus a modern day philosophy of life truth told in a simple friendly manner. Even last year we tried to stick to a life truth in an easy going manner with ‘Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai’.”

Speaking on the promotional plans, Bambawale said, “The primary medium is TV. Apart from that, we have the anthem playing on radio. We also have a presence in outdoor and cinema. Since the maximum traction on digital is around social networking, that’s where our focus will be too.”

“Our first initiative was a Facebook app called ‘Airtel tera mera friendship band’. It was an attempt to make the world’s biggest friendship band by Friendship Day on August 5. This initiative was launched on July 21 and by the time it ended on August 5, about 12.6 million friends had become a part of it. Also, the ad has had over 2.5 lakh views on YouTube.”

The TVC is being promoted via outdoors, radio, print and digital activation. It has over 4500 shares on Facebook and has reached over six lakh people on Twitter. The campaign will be released in 11 key regional languages. There will be presence of the TVC on all high impact shows such as Film Awards and upcoming Bollywood movies in the month of August and September.

Campaign credits
Creative: Agnello Dias, Taproot Communications
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Music: Ram Sampath
Direction: Ram Madhvani (Equinox Films).
Airtel Team: Bharat Bambawale and Anuradha Sehgal

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