Airtel Delhi Half Marathon unveils TV campaign, focuses on the joy of running

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon unveils TV campaign, focuses on the joy of running

Author | Shruti Tripathi | Wednesday, Sep 17,2008 8:28 AM

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon unveils TV campaign, focuses on the joy of running

Running comes naturally to children, but as one grows up, sprinting around just for the fun of it, fades away. Even as Delhi prepares for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on November 9, Airtel is all set to revive the child-like exhilaration of running with a new TVC that is breaking across all news and entertainment channels on September 17.

Conceptualised by Rediffusion DYR, the TVC resounds with the percussion rendition of the Airtel signature tune by music maestro AR Rahman. Cutting Edge Films is the production house, while Farouk Aljoffery is the director.

Commenting on the TVC, Chandrasekar Radhakrisnan, Head-Brand & Media, Bharti Airtel, remarked, “The role of Airtel in people’s lives is to bring them closer. Therefore, a marathon was a fabulous extension of this philosophy. As a child, we had no restraints or prejudices whatsoever to run. Recreating the same feeling, the TVC shows children converging on a road to run in celebration of the human spirit.”

He further said, "The Delhi Half Marathon is an opportunity for Airtel to celebrate the philosophy of overcoming barriers and also to create resonance with the people of Delhi, from where Airtel started its operations."

Elaborating on the creative thought behind the TVC, Ramanuj Shastry, Chief Creative Officer, Rediffusion DYR, said, “As a child, you don’t think before you run. Running as children was like a drop of water becoming a spring then a river and then an ocean. One kid starts running and the others join in without even finding out the reason. This was the preliminary notion we started out with. With the TVC, we have tried to create the nostalgia of being a kid who doesn’t have any inhibitions in running. Essentially, the TVC is an extension of Airtel’s philosophy of the ‘human connect’.”

The TVC is reminiscent of one’s childhood. It starts with the empty streets of Delhi, where the city seems dull and static. Suddenly, a naughty child slaps his friend on the head and runs with a grin. The friend follows suit and runs behind him. Seeing them run, other children start running along – young boys engrossed in gully cricket, a child returning home tired after school, a physically challenged child helped by his friends, and so on. The ‘run’ mania spreads like a chain reaction and all the children of the Capital seem to be joining it. The kids then reach a gigantic gate, which is opened by the child who triggered the ‘run epic’. This child then turns around and gestures everyone to run with him.

The TVC aptly puts across its point: ‘Bachpan main khushi thi har baat pe daudne ki’ (During childhood, one felt elated to run for any trivial reason). The TVC shows children as metaphors of fun without any qualms of consequences.

Along with the TVC, Airtel is launching a 360-degree campaign involving outdoors, radio and on-ground activation in campuses, malls, jogging parks, etc to promote the Delhi Half Marathon. The on-ground activity includes the concept of a ‘Barrier Bin’, which would be put up in malls, where people are expected to drop their inhibitions and enjoy the joy of running.

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