Air Deccan partners with Cutting Edge Media for in-flight advertising

Air Deccan partners with Cutting Edge Media for in-flight advertising

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Monday, Aug 16,2004 8:08 AM

Air Deccan partners with Cutting Edge Media for in-flight advertising

Air Deccan joins hands with Cutting Edge Media to introduce in-flight advertising for all its airbus flights from this month. "We decided to go with Cutting Edge Media as our partners for in-flight Entertainment and in-flight branding. They have the necessary bandwidth and expertise to deliver on the various advertising opportunities. More so, Cutting Edge Media shows a tremendous zest for innovations and non-traditional media options and we are confident of the results,” says John Kuruvilla, Chief Revenue Officer, Air Deccan.

In-flight advertising and branding concepts have gained immense popularity abroad over the last few years but none of the Indian air carriers have ever considered it till now. With the fragmentation of media, where there’s no dearth of ads being splashed across various mediums, this endeavour of Air Deccan will give advertisers a chance to impact their brand presence to a hundred percent captive audience – 82% of which is business travellers and 18% comprises of tourists and students.

NDTV, CNBC and STAR have agreed to provide news and content on business, Bollywood and more for this entire project.

However, Rohinton Maloo, Managing Director, Cutting Edge Media states, “We would term air carriers, as a cutting-edge media option and one that promises zero waste. Passengers in-flight do not have a remote control, and are focused towards their TV screens, as there isn’t much else to do while on a flight. The medium is ideal for advertisers, which are focusing SEC A and B males, for instance retail, consumer durables, tourism entities, apparel or hospitality related brands. As long as you keep the duration of the ads minimal, it would achieve the desired targets, without being too intrusive.”

What has been the feedback from the advertiser’s side? Are they responding well to such an unconventional medium? Maloo says, “The response has been terrific. We are currently in talks with Samsung, Taj, Raymond, Hyundai, Hindustan Petroleum, Titan and a host of other brands and they seem pretty keen on the entire deal. As for in-flight advertising being a fairly new concept, we at Cutting Edge Media, have always believed in new and unconventional assignments. For instance, in an age when kids’ media was unheard of in India, we partnered with Cartoon Network. And the look at the performance of the channel today.”

Various options are available for advertisers, both inside and outside the aircraft. It includes the space on the overhead stowage bins; reverse side of boarding pass, baggage tags and even the steps of the ladder can be used as advertising vehicles. Further, the aircraft exterior will be offered to advertisers too. Hence, putting a multi city daily flying billboard at their disposal is entirely possible, which can be viewed by over 12-lac air travellers using Indian airports every month. Inside the aircraft food trays, cockpit door, headrests and a full center aisle carpet will provide ad space to the potential advertisers.

Murtuza Kagalwala, CEO, Cutting Edge Media sums it up, “Cutting Edge Media recognises the importance of non-traditional niche media and is committed to providing cutting-edge media opportunities for marketers to reach out to their target audiences. With in-flight entertainment and in-flight branding on Air Deccan we will live up to the expectations that advertisers and ad agencies have from us.”

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