AI to revamp brand image

AI to revamp brand image

Author | Source: Business Line | Wednesday, Aug 24,2005 9:02 AM

AI to revamp brand image

Air India is undergoing an image makeover. But, the Maharaja, one of the oldest brand images of Indian corporate, will escape the sweeping changes that the airline would be undergoing as part of its rejuvenation.

The subtle change that set the tone was the removal of the hyphen in the Air India logo. This was done two months ago, and, in the next 18 months, more modifications are expected , and the new logo has `Fly Well' written alongside Air India. The circle around the centaur will be half complete, according to Ms Rekha Pamani-Gulati, CEO Of DMA Branding.

DMA has been given the mandate of refurbishing the branding for both fleet upgradation and new acquisition.

Ms Gulati told Business Line, "The Maharaja is going to stay, but we are going to make changes, which will enhance the experience of the passengers.".

The changes will not just be cosmetic, but even the employees will be involved, so that the entire image of the airline is enhanced. "The rejuvenation is not about any changes in imagery, but more about capturing and articulating the values of the brand Air India internally first," Ms Gulati said.

The last time that Air India, which would be acquiring 50 Boeing aircraft worth $50 billion, had unveiled a new corporate identity was in 1989. The new logo featured a sun positioned in metallic gold against a deep red sash. But, the airline reverted to its earlier logo because of widespread employee protest against the new logo.

DMA Branding would also be involved in issues such as seat configuration for the new aircraft. "We will be involved in every aspect of branding, like from the time a passenger makes a call to the booking office till he actually travels and even post-travel issues," she said.

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