AHA unveils a younger avatar; allows people ‘to fly’ without wings

AHA unveils a younger avatar; allows people ‘to fly’ without wings

Author | Tuhina Anand | Saturday, Aug 04,2007 9:38 AM

AHA unveils a younger avatar; allows people ‘to fly’ without wings

AHA, pioneers in the cabin crew training industry, is working towards reinforcing its brand positioning. After a decade of operations, AHA is now looking at driving home the point that as pioneers of the industry, the institute literally provides wings to ones dream.

To reinforce the point, AHA has come out with radio spots and print advertising which talks of creating a new species that allows people to fly without wings. The radio spots end with the line – ‘AHA, above the ordinary’. The advertisements show a new avatar of AHA, which is young and vibrant with loads of attitude, and all this while establishing the credentials of a true pioneer.

Jay Sanghni, GM, AHA, said, “It's been a decade since AHA was launched, we need to strengthen our brand positioning in a manner that it reinforces our pioneer status, and while doing so also have an 'attitudinal connect' with our young target audience.”

He added, “We also want the brand to appear distinct and not just rely on showing cabin crew photographs. We have moved away from communication that is category oriented to one that is more assertive and re-establishes the fact of our first mover advantage.”

Two campaigns have been prepared, one meant for matured markets such as Delhi, and the other for relatively raw markets such as Bangalore. AHA has also planned a second phase, where the focus would be on viral marketing and TVC. These are slated to appear in September this year.

Explaining the strategy, Sanghni said, “We are hoping that the TVC will see us through early next year for mass media attention and the viral campaign would help us in reaching our target audience. Besides, we have also planned other BTL activities.”

It is learnt that AHA has earmarked close to Rs 12 crore on their marketing blitzkrieg. It has appointed Behind The Moon as brand consultants, while Brand Curry is their advertising agency. The viral campaigns would be outsourced.

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